Our world before and after Corona

The changes and adaptations happening in the world right now are light speedingly fast. One article after another is being published about COVID-19 and its consequences for the world as we know it. One article jokingly called it the ‘’BC and AC eras’’, the ‘’Before Corona’’ and ‘’After Corona’’. And there is a truth to this; our economy and society as we have known them for the last decades, are changing for good. There is already talk of the ‘’new normal’’. Another term we hear frequently is the ‘’1.5m society’’. We all need to learn how to live in this new world. We from hotelkit, want to make this transition as smooth as possible and help you where we can. 

New Rules

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there will not be a “back to normal” any time soon. We will have to get used to new rules and behaviors. However, with just a few precautionary measures we will be able to protect not only our guests but also our colleagues and of course, ourselves.

Articles and reports were steadily appearing over the last couple of days on how to behave and what to do in order to stick to the new hygiene measurements, directed from our governments and health authorities. We from hotelkit would like to give you an overview of various hygiene rules that can be followed in order to reopen your hospitality establishment safely and keep COVID-19 out the door. 

hotelkit helps by providing useful tools 

We have divided the ‘’new normal’’ rules into different topics and include checklists you may use to better streamline your operations. Please click on the below links to get redirected to the topic of your choosing. Also in times of crisis, the tools of hotelkit prove to be stress resistant and will guide you and your time through tough times. 

Hotel Hygiene Advice List

What do experts say 

hotelkit will organize their first webinar on Thursday, the 7th of May 2020. The topic standing central in that session will be hygiene and what the ‘’new normal’’ will entail. Worldwide today, societies revolve around this topic. In times of a health crisis, having strict hygiene procedures is the only way to stop any virus from spreading and to start up businesses again. 

It is key to have error-free measures in place in order to create a ‘’Covid-19 free’’ (work) environment. Not only for your guests but also for your employees. How to create such a safe environment and how to receive the green light from official authorities to open your doors again? For such questions, we have reached out to hygiene experts in the hospitality industry.