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The Grand Reopening

Right now, before reopening, is the best time to rethink old processes and implement changes quickly and with little effort. hotelkit revolutionizes the way your hotel runs and optimizes the collaboration of your team. Focus on what's actually important: Motivated hotel employees and satisfied guests!

hotelkit helps you with organizing complex processes in your hotel.

Now is the perfect time to rethink your process management

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Reopening! Reopening who? Right, we may not have thought this joke through, but we do know how excited you are to get busy again. You want to throw open the gates and let your sorely missed guests pour in by the hundreds. But wait! There are still a few boxes that need ticking before the first guests can check in. Your employees have to be trained in current safety regulations. Cleaning and hygiene measures need particular attention. A concept for monitoring Corona tests might have to be set up. And didn’t you want to take care of all kinds of little restructuring and reorganizing tasks for your team and process management before the reopening? Don’t worry. You are not too late. In fact, now is the ideal time to crack down on anything clunky and outdated in your hotel and emerge shiny and bright on the other side. 

For many hotel employees, that means they’re off to grab the heavy binders, start up the old PC and printer, figure out all the e-mails that have to be sent and print out checklists galore. Chances are that the initial momentum soon gives way to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Are you one of those hotel managers or owners who believe that massive binders on the reception desk should be a thing of the past? Do you wonder why it can’t all be more efficient, simpler, more compact, more sustainable? It can. There is a digital hotel operations platform out there for you. It’s called hotelkit.

How to get rid of those paper towers? hotelkit is the name of the solution.

The ideal hotel operations platform for your reopening

Digitalizing daily operations can make your hotel’s challenges easier and faster to manage. In addition, communication within your team will improve significantly. This not only ensures efficient processes, but also strengthens the bond between your employees. All necessary information, new actions, explanations and recurring tasks can be stored once in hotelkit and then made transparently accessible to the entire team via smartphone, tablet or PC. The mess is history. Transparent, paperless communication takes its place. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s some more info on the essential tools for your everyday hotel work. 

All necessary information can be stored in hotelkit and made available to the entire team.

Targeted communication – Handovers and News

After all, communication within a hotel or a catering business often resembles a hurdle race. Until a piece of information gets from A to B, it has to overcome a range of obstacles. It’s not uncommon to be thrown off track by an overlooked e-mail, a dead cellphone battery or a missing piece of paper with vital information. Hurdle races are exciting and all – on TV. hotelkit ensures transparent communication, so that the information reliably reaches its destination and all tasks are completed. Instead of using a wide variety of channels such as WhatsApp, notepads or emails, you can bundle everything into a single tool and keep your employees up to date via Handovers and News. Important information is not lost and can be traced at any time. Quickly inform your team about newly introduced measures, create checklists and add videos or images. You also know who has already read the handover or news in hotelkit. The result: Optimized communication that overcomes all obstacles and doesn’t even need killer pins to do it.

With Handovers and News you can comfortably keep your team up to date. Several channels aren’t necessary anymore, you can bundle everything into a single tool.

Optimized service – Tasks, Checklists and Repairs

Check, check aaand check! Everyone loves to put little ticks next to things on lists, especially annoying ones. We say “Get sh*t done” and we mean it. It is exactly what we want to help you with. But what does this help look like? Templates for tasks that you can then send to employees via e-mail? Print templates for checklists of all kinds to feed the aforementioned big binders? Nope. The exact opposite.

If you already have gray hair, don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt George Clooney’s looks one bit either. If not, don’t let it get to that point. Use the Tasks tool in hotelkit. It lets you send to-dos directly to the employees or departments in charge. You can even follow their progress. This way you’re always in the loop and can make sure that everything is done properly. Easy work, happy guests. 

The perfect match for the Tasks tool: digital Checklists for all your processes. This way you can not only standardize all processes within your hotel, but also do something good for Mother Earth by stopping the paper waste. Another plus: These checklists are ideal for training new employees, as well as for standardized and repetitive tasks such as the morning shift at the front desk, HACCP, the night shift walkthrough, and more. 

Check! With recurring checklist tasks you can set standards for your processes, and stay informed about the progress.

The reopening is already underway, and it has been brought to your attention that the tap in room 343 is dripping? Our Repair tool serves up quick and easy solutions. Not only does it automatically suggest the potential order recipient, but it allows you to record the damage transparently via image attachments. Turn the right screws at the right time and use the resources within your hotel efficiently.  

Your hotel’s own Wikipedia – your Handbook

Who hasn’t ever gone down a Wikipedia wormhole before? It is just such an interesting, simple platform. So why should you have to dig your way through folders as thick as a tree trunk when looking for information in your hotel? It would be nice if there was a digital reference book for that, too, right? Now hold your hat. There is. Use the Handbook tool to curate an in-house collection of SOPs, tutorials, photos, videos, and more. A complete information hub available to your team round the clock. So your company’s knowledge is never lost or out of reach.

You’d like to have your own Wikipedia? The Handbook tool lets you assemble your collection of SOPs, tutorials, articles, photos, videos and so much more.

Innovation and Team Spirit – Ideas, Surveys and Moments

The Corona crisis has not necessarily brought colleagues closer. Short-time work and social distancing have caused even the best teams to drift apart. High time to revive that team spirit! hotelkit Moments offers your team the possibility to share special moments with each other. Your own internal social media that connects your employees beyond the water cooler.

Are you fed up with discussing ideas in different ways over the course of months until they ultimately just fizzle out? Via the Ideas tool in hotelkit, you and every other employee can discuss ideas with the whole team. Innovation within your hotel, made easy. Bring everyone on board and improve your day-to-day work. You can also use Surveys to find out your employees’ opinions on pretty much any topic. This is not only an expression of appreciation for each individual employee, but also ensures greater motivation to work.

Motivate your team by giving them a voice through the Ideas-tool, asking their opinion in surveys and sharing team-memories through hotelkit Moments.

Housekeeping made easy – Housekeeping tool

Now that you know that it can be so easy, aren’t you just ready to get up and at ’em? Feel free to select one of your binders at random and hurl it out the window. We won’t judge. And if that binder happens to be labeled Room cleaning & disinfection, even better. We have a digital replacement for that, too, named hotelkit Housekeeping. This user-friendly organizational tool ensures smooth communication between your housekeeping team and all other departments by linking seamlessly with your PMS. It allows you to receive real-time room status updates, prioritize rooms, save checklists, cooperate with external users, and much more! It’s that simple. Curious? Learn more about hotelkit Housekeeping here.

Searching for a user-friendly organisation-tool for your Housekeeping processes? hotelkit Housekeeping is the right solution for this purpose.

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