Success Story

Modern, internal communication at the Belvar Moxy Hotels thanks to hotelkit

Belvar operates numerous Moxy Hotels across Europe and plans to open even more. hotelkit has been implemented during each pre-opening phase to ensure that the respective hotels are opened without any hitches using checklists. hotelkit serves as a centralised platform making it a particularly powerful tool for cross-site communication and collaboration.

Client Information & Challenges

Belvar is a hotel management and development company composed of a number of experienced hoteliers. Belvar currently operates 15 hotels across Europe under the Moxy by Marriott brand. These modern hotels certainly keep pace with modern times. Moxy hotels use a combination of first-class service and contemporary design which particularly appeals to millennials who are often on the go and have particular travel requirements. Belvar together with Marriott is planning to apply this successful strategy as they continue to develop further hotels across Europe.

The challenges faced by a business of this type are obvious. It is important to ensure that it is possible to standardise all processes and to ensure they are organised in a transparent way during each new hotel’s pre-opening phase. Another key objective was to enable teams to collaborate across all the individual hotels in a straightforward way.

We particularly appreciate hotelkit’s multi property version which enables us to communicate very easily and efficiently with each other across the entire group of hotels regardless of our location.

Dagmar Nowak MOXY Operations Officer Germany

Implementation & Test Phase

Belvar has been an official hotelkit customer since the middle of 2017. New hotels have been gradually integrated into the system. 10 Moxy hotels were already using hotelkit at the beginning of 2018 and a further 5 hotels were integrated onto the system throughout the year. hotelkit’s multi property version is a particularly beneficial tool as it enables teams based in hotels across the entire group to collaborate and exchange information. A total of 255 employees are now interconnected via the hotelkit umbrella platform. Training courses were also organised in the system in accordance with the customer’s requirements. hotelkit enabled training courses for 40 directors and department heads to be carried out successfully. All new users have the chance to receive trainings well before a new hotel is opened, ensuring that the whole process runs completely smoothly.


hotelkit did not only have to prove its worth to use in one hotel, but it had to impress an entire hotel management company that is made up of a
large number of hotels – the process was indeed a resounding success! It’s fair to say that the staff at Belvar wouldn’t want to be without hotelkit’s fantastic range of tools. When a new hotel is opened, hotelkit stores the information about the whole process – from start to finish. Standardised checklists ensure that every pre-opening phase runs as efficiently as possible.

hotelkit helps us especially during the pre-opening phases of new hotels by enabling us to use structured checklists which ensure that the hotel can start operating as smoothly as possible in a standardised way.

Peter Lackner Pre-opening Manager Belvar

hotelkit also supports inspection processes when a new hotel is opened. Room checks strengthen quality control in each hotel by enabling queries
to be run on approximately 50 checkpoints. If any of these checkpoints are not ticked off, hotelkit immediately brings this to the attention of the
department that is responsible for remedying the issue. This enables repairs to be dealt with extremely easily and efficiently. All types of repairs which are defined by the Belvar team are uploaded on the system by hotelkit’s Customer Success Team for each new hotel.

The handbook is also a useful source of information which contains 250 articles covering a range of technical subjects from maintenance to security, for example, there are articles relating to health and safety and details on how to undertake safety checks on baby cots. All handbook articles can be uploaded in a central location so that each hotel is able to access this centralised knowledge base.

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