Customer Information & Challenges

The Hotel Meierhof is a 4 star hotel and is ideally located in the city of Zürich. It is conveniently situated with very good access to local transport and it affords wonderful views over Lake Zürich. The hotel offers 108 elegantly appointed rooms and promises its guests the following: ‘We don’t necessarily want you to feel as if you are at home when you stay with us – we want you to feel even more relaxed.’ The hotel management subscribes wholeheartedly to this principle and places a great deal of emphasis on providing excellent service with a personal touch and on offering facilities that fulfil every requirement. As well as modern seminar rooms, the hotel also offers the beautiful Lounge & Bar au Lac which overlooks Lake Zürich.

We are very impressed with the high level of service and the regular new features that the hotelkit team offers with its solution.

Pascal Rhyner
Pascal Rhyner General Manager

The challenges and objectives that resulted in the use of hotelkit were clearly articulated by the management team. One objective was to ensure that information no longer went missing in the front office which was a problem that was known to have happened quickly during shift changes. All staff working at the hotel would be quickly brought up to speed about the current situation and communication between departments would be organised in such a way to ensure that it was quicker and more transparent.

General Manager Pascal Rhyner finally wanted to ensure that tasks were logged in a structured way, that daily routines and processes were charted and that duties and responsibilities were clearly allocated within teams.

Implementation & Trial Phase

hotelkit was already used very intensively during the trial period. The trial ran from the middle of October until the middle of November 2014 and 23 members of staff were involved with the use of hotelkit. The number of users only increased marginally to 25 since the beginning of the process.

An interesting challenge was to convince the ‘sceptics’ among the members of staff. However, they were soon convinced about the many benefits that hotelkit brought to working practices at the Hotel Meierhof in a short time.


General Manager Pascal Rhyner summarises why hotelkit was exactly the right choice for the Meierhof: ‘Communication in the hotel has significantly improved since hotelkit was introduced. This tool has brought us genuine improvements in quality and process management!’ I would like to particularly highlight the ‘fantastic support and continuous enhancements’ provided by the hotelkit team who were always on hand to help during all the stages of operation.

The usage figures demonstrate how well hotelkit was received by the members of staff at the hotel. 1,792 activities were recorded during the 30 day trial phase and this did not include repairs, checklists and guest requests that had not been integrated at all at this point. Over 52,300 activities have been completed in total to date, of which 16,200 are recorded as handover activities. This corresponds to approximately 19 handovers per day. After handovers, tasks rank as the most often used hotelkit tool (8 tasks per day excluding any repetitions). The tasks help with the preparation of weekly meetings, the generation of daily pick-up lists and also as a reminder that various pieces of correspondence are consistently filed.

We now organise all the work in frontoffice completely digitally. Checklists, tasks, handovers and calendars help us to keep track of everything and to offer our guests the very best service.

Tamara Zivkovic Assistant Manager

The team headed by Pascal Rhyner works with 11 checklists in the front office area which are repeated each day and which are used to organise the entire day’s schedule. The calendar tool is used to manage shared appointments relating to events, birthdays, housekeeping etc. in 11 event calendars. The staff has recorded knowledge about the hotel in over 1,430 handbook articles which now serve as a central knowledge pool for everyone. When changes occur at the Hotel Meierhof or matters arise relating to guest feedback that need to be discussed, this information is sent out to all members of staff in 34 news bulletins per month. In addition, around 43 repairs are dealt with by the maintenance team per month.