Success Story

Simple & smart communication at the Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West

The team working at this modern city hotel in Berlin was looking for a solution that would improve internal communication and make it easier for room status to be communicated in a more transparent way – the team found that hotelkit could provide this solution and even more than that.

Client Information & Challenges

The Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West is a popular city hotel located in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Its location in the west of the city makes it a perfect base for shopping trips and for travellers who are looking to take in the culture and history of the city. It is a 3-star hotel which offers its guests plenty of comforts with all the modern conveniences. The hotel is faced with the usual challenges that hotels of this size have to deal with. These challenges revolve around the large number of guests who check in and out of the hotel’s 214 rooms every day. The aim was to ensure that information on room status would be forwarded and coordinated seamlessly and that it was also possible for all relevant departments to access this information. A way also needed to be found to make inter-departmental communication more efficient across the board. The hotel’s team wanted the solution to be as modern and up-to-date as the hotel itself.

We wanted to have an up-to-date tool which would primarily enable us to communicate easily across departments – the hotelkit tools, which support the day-to-day management of the hotel, provide so much more than just that and have significantly alleviated the pressure we experience in our routine operations!

Mirko Schulze General Manager Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West

Implementation & Test Phase

Important tasks were already integrated during the 30-day test phase which ran from the end of May until the end of June 2018. This meant that the team could hit the ground running when hotelkit was officially implemented directly after the test phase. The total number of hotelkit users was also determined as far as possible during the test phase. This meant that the whole team could put the tools to the test right from the start and could become familiar with all the processes. The use of the handovers tool to manage room availability was immediately well received. This tool enabled the Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West Hotel to connect two key departments right from the beginning which has been highly successful.


hotelkit was very well-received from the start and has been used intensively. 1,792 activities were recorded in the first 30 days and these did not even include repairs, checklists and guest requests. Over 17,000 activities have been created so far which equates to an average of around 3,700 per month or 123 per day.

The repair tool was ranked the number one most used tool. An average of 281 per month (nine per day) repair orders were generated alone which enabled them to be recorded and then carried out.

Being able to digitally record all our repairs enables us to complete them in a minimum amount of time – this is an incredible benefit for the whole of the team!

Jens Häseler Technical Manager Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West

This demonstrates that tasks can be processed very quickly indeed with hotelkit. The majority of repairs are now being actioned within 24 hours. High priority repairs are even often completed within only eight hours.

It is also very important to ensure that handovers are dealt with smoothly so that operational procedures are carried out efficiently on a daily basis. Approximately 950 handovers have been created in total so far which equates to 210 per month orroughly seven handovers per day. This tool is predominantly used to communicate room availability. Three tasks repeating daily and two repeating monthly, various news entries, manual entries and a calendar with varying appointments all form part of the hotelkit solution which lightens the workload when used on a day-to-day basis.

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