Chatbot assists with Guest Inquiries – Olga Heuser on the advantages of using DialogShift

“Does the hotel have a pool?”, “Can I bring my dachshund?”, “Does the breakfast buffet have oat milk?” Hotel guests often tend to ask the same types of questions. Thankfully, there are chatbot solutions like DialogShift that can provide answers in only a matter of seconds. Olga Heuser, CEO of DialogShift, talks with us about the advantages of using chatbots in hotels.

Implementing Sustainability in Hotels – in Conversation with Hotel Consultant Björn Grimm

Does sustainability have to be expensive? According to Björn Grimm, owner of the successful hotel and food service consultancy Grimm Consulting, it does not! A change in one’s own perspective can already significantly contribute to finding sustainable solutions. In this interview he outlines why it is the small steps in particular that carry a lot of weight and why medium-sized hotels should also dare to transition to sustainability.

Paving the Way for Economic Success with Data Analysis – MOJ & Partners and hotelkit

In today’s technological era, data is key to achieving economic growth. Due to the availability of different kinds of systems, however, hoteliers can sometimes lose count. MOJ & Partners assists hotel companies in gathering relevant data. hotelkit, in turn, ensures effective communication within hotel teams. Founding Partner and Managing Director Alexander Moj speaks in this interview about the partnership between the two companies.

Taking Guest Satisfaction to the next level with hotelkit & Shiji ReviewPro at Radisson Blu

Who doesn't want their wishes to be fulfilled at the speed of light? The interface between the chatbot from Shiji ReviewPro, a Shiji Group brand, and the communications platform hotelkit enables faster processing of guest requests in the Radisson hotels which, in turn, results in higher guest satisfaction. Angelo Vassallo, former Operations Manager at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt, describes how this was achieved in practice.

“More time to take care of our guests” thanks to Quicktext’s chatbot via hotelkit

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply anticipate your guests wishes? Although, this is not yet possible, the interface between Quicktext and hotelkit already makes it very easy to respond to client requests. Karin Øhlenschlæger Snitgaard, web content manager at Hotel Interlaken, explains the advantages of the integration in this interview.

The team of AVIVA****s make friends hotel enjoys the new working model.

4-day weeks in the hotel industry? — The AVIVA****s make friends hotel shows how it’s done

Most people have heard of the 4-day week. In the hotel industry, some companies are taking the step of spreading the workload over four days. For the AVIVA hotel in Upper Austria, this innovative work time model has been employed since 2018. Managing Director Christian Grünbart describes his positive experiences with the 4-day week.

Strategies for the Future: “New Work” in the hotel industry

The working world is changing, and with it the tourism sector. Digitalization and the so-called “New Work” philosophy are ushering in a new way of working. Hani El Sharkawi explains the significance of this transformation process and the extent to which it is accompanied by a fundamental change in management style.

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