Unlocking Seamless Staff Management with gastromatic and hotelkit Integration

Efficient teamwork in hospitality just got easier. gastromatic and hotelkit have teamed up to simplify HR tasks. Now, with our integration, effortlessly share HR updates from gastromatic via hotelkit, keeping everyone on the same page – it's teamwork, made simple.

Revenue growth through the Hotel MSSNGR interface: Interview with General Manager Anton Birnbaum

Effective communication is of paramount importance in the hospitality industry. A cutting-edge solution, enhancing guest communication and internal management, is the integration of Hotel MSSNGR and hotelkit. In our exclusive interview with Anton Birnbaum, the General Manager of the luxurious Alpin Resort Sacher in Austria, we take a look at how this integration works and explore the benefits it offers to hoteliers.

Mastering Hotel Online Marketing with Online Birds

Social media, website, SEO, SEA, Ads: When it comes to online marketing, there are several aspects for hotels to consider. In this article Philipp Ingenillem, CSO and partner of the marketing company Online Birds, lines out why hotel online marketing is nowadays extremely important to attract guests and explains what needs to be considered to ensure a successful web presence.

Mews and hotelkit: A topnotch digital interface

The interface between hotelkit and Mews digitalizes and simplifies the work processes in your housekeeping department. Important information from the PMS is available to all housekeeping employees on one centralized platform. And with the new interface, receptionists are also always up-to-date and informed about the cleaning progress of the rooms.

Clypp Tutorial

Implement Hotel Standard Operating Procedures with Clypp Video Tutorials

The everyday work in hotels is characterized by routines: The inspection of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems or the usage of kitchen appliances. The more successful the employees are at implementing these routines, the better the guest service is. Clypp’s founder, Maximilian Zeyda, explains in this article how video tutorials that are available in an easily accessible digital handbook can contribute to the successful implementation of SOP’s.

Chatbot assists with Guest Inquiries – Olga Heuser on the advantages of using DialogShift

“Does the hotel have a pool?”, “Can I bring my dachshund?”, “Does the breakfast buffet have oat milk?” Hotel guests often tend to ask the same types of questions. Thankfully, there are chatbot solutions like DialogShift that can provide answers in only a matter of seconds. Olga Heuser, CEO of DialogShift, talks with us about the advantages of using chatbots in hotels.

Implementing Sustainability in Hotels – in Conversation with Hotel Consultant Björn Grimm

Does sustainability have to be expensive? According to Björn Grimm, owner of the successful hotel and food service consultancy Grimm Consulting, it does not! A change in one’s own perspective can already significantly contribute to finding sustainable solutions. In this interview he outlines why it is the small steps in particular that carry a lot of weight and why medium-sized hotels should also dare to transition to sustainability.

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