A study of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences about satisfied customers and increased innovation

As a partner of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and together with seven of their students, we conducted a study on the topic of willingness to innovate in the hospitality industry and about the satisfaction of hotelkit clients. It was a great cooperation with young hospitality experts and the results were impressive!

The goals of this study were diverse: On the one hand the project management skills of the students were to be promoted and, on the other hand, the satisfaction of hotelkit clients in the DACH region was to be enquired. Moreover, it was also examined how people working in the hotel industry generally think of digitalization and what specific benefits they derive from it.

Goals & Structure of the Project 

The first milestone regarding this project was the kick off meeting of the students of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, which focused on team building. In the following meeting with hotelkit the specific goals and the structure of the study were defined. The questionnaire was then finalized by the students and sent out to 1323 hotelkit clients. The feedback that we received was amazing and, in the end, more than 570 people had participated in the study.

160 of the participants are hoteliers or hotel managers, 219 are working in managerial positions and the majority of the participants, 334 people, are hotel employees.

The main question of our project consisted in finding out which specific benefits working with hotelkit brings to the daily hotel routine. In order to obtain a representative result, we asked the hotel employees and the hotel managers in the first part of our questionnaire about their general attitude and their personal interest in new technologies, digitalization and innovation. Afterwards, we went into more detail about our product hotelkit. And let me say this: the results speak volumes.

Results of the study

Innovation friendly hoteliers and hotel employees

The study showed that more than half of the questioned hoteliers and hotel managers consider their business as very innovation friendly; have already modernized various departments in their hotels and have integrated new technologies and management approaches into the daily work routine.

Furthermore, the hotel managements have a very positive attitude towards digitalization by means of new technologies. 44.43% of those working in this area indicated that they were actively trying to drive forward the implementation of new technologies, and 50.45% confirmed that they strongly support the implementation of new technologies. Moreover, the attitude of hotel employees towards the digitalization processes is rather positive. After all, 30% of those questioned enjoy testing new innovations and regard them predominantly as an improvement to the daily work routine. Only 13.36% of the participants indicated that they considered the data protection to be at risk due to the implementation of digital tools.

How was the implementation of hotelkit perceived?

It was important to us to find out how clients perceived the implementation of hotelkit. The results were quite positive: 40% of the hotel employees and of the hotel management perceived the implementation as non-stressful, 45% appreciated the simple and quick implementation of hotelkit and 52% indicated that they especially perceived the consultation and the support during the entire implementation process as very satisfactory.

What benefits does hotelkit provide?

It was equally important to us to understand which benefits the hotelkit clients draw from using hotelkit. Regarding this matter, we divided the participants into hotel employees and hotel managers. More than 60% of the employees indicated that they consider the following points as opportune: they can look up important information in hotelkit at any time, collaborate more efficiently across different departments and can store information digitally. 70% of the hotel managers appreciate the possibility to be able to communicate important occurrences to their employees at any time and no matter where the employees are at. The other way round 68% of those questioned considered positive that they can be kept in the loop about important news and occurrences in the hotel. 66% also see an advantage in the sustainable documentation of hotel-internal processes and information in the hotelkit handbook tool.

General satisfaction with hotelkit

Finally, we wanted to find out how satisfied our clients are with hotelkit. The results speak for themselves: More than 90% of those questioned indicated that the information flow works smoothly thanks to hotelkit and that communication has clearly been simplified. Over 80% appreciate the time-saving, the enormous work load reduction in the daily hotel routine, the user-friendliness of hotelkit, the better cooperation of the entire team and the transparent exchange of information. And we are especially proud of the following result: 83% of our clients would highly recommend hotelkit.

More than 90% of our customers indicated that the information flow works smoothly thanks to hotelkit and that communication has clearly been simplified.

The study as an incentive to become even better!

The results of the study that was conducted in collaboration with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences have shown that our software is appreciated across all hotel departments and that hotelkit fulfills it’s basic intention: to provide better communication and smooth-running processes. The project was a valuable experience for the students but also for hotelkit. By means of this study and based on the client feedback that we received, we can develop our product further and perfect the existing features and services. Because one thing is certain: Our aim is to revolutionize the way in which hotel teams work together, and standstill is not an option.

Jana Brandtner is part of the hotelkit marketing team and a passionated climber.

About the author

Jana Brandtner

When she’s not climbing heights, she’s helping our marketing team organizing, planning and communicating, and in this case, writing a blog article.

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