hotelkit – 2023 in Review

Doesn't it seem like 2023 passed by in the blink of an eye? After the previous years' slow-motion pace, this year felt like 'fast forward'. We've summarized everything that happened at hotelkit this year for you here.

The highlights

As a software company, digitalization is basically our bread and butter. Nevertheless, this year, there have been significantly more advancements in this regard than one could have foreseen. This year, the focus on optimizing workflows through Artificial Intelligence has been a significant undertaking for us. Numerous workshops were conducted in this area to refine the efficiency of our internal processes. The time we gained because of this was directed towards enhancing the customer experience. And this is crucial because hotelkit has gained 628 new customers in 2023, now totaling 3,100 customers across 80 countries. This year, 4,000,000 tasks were completed within hotelkit which goes to show that hotelkit has notably boosted your productivity this year!

The Hotel Tech Awards 2023 brought us more cause for joy! We were honored as the best international solution in the following categories: Best Staff Collaboration Tool, Best Employee Engagement Software, Best Hotel Maintenance Software, Best Hotel Operations Platform and Best Housekeeping Software. Equally delightful was winning the People’s Choice Award as well as the first position among the top ten workplaces in the hotel technology industry. Following last year’s move, 123 hotelkids, which is how we like to refer to our colleagues, have now fully settled into the new Headquarter at the Rauchmühle in Salzburg. Feel free to drop by for a coffee and join us for a game of table tennis!

New Features, Integrations and Tutorials

Top 3 Features

Similar to our company, our software is continuously evolving. Our busy product developers are constantly working on adding new features and optimizing existing ones. In this respect, our customers’ demands consistently guide our actions. These 3 top features facilitate your daily work now more than ever: The long-awaited Chat is finally live for everyone, the Green Option ensures the implementation of sustainable measures in Housekeeping and additional statuses in the Task tool (Discarded and Expired) guarantee a great overall view.


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100 new tutorials

“Yet what good are all these features if nobody knows about them?” is what our Tutorial team wondered and added 100 new videos to the tutorials section in 2023. You can access the tutorials via your dashboard or by clicking on the ‘Tutorials’ button on the right-hand side. Our tutorials, reflect our global customer base, and are available in 8 languages.

Integrations update

And for all those that don’t like to multitask, there is more good news. 15 new integrations guarantee that information from other specialized software can be accessed within hotelkit. In 2023, we further expanded our range by adding additional tools, such as gastromatic, GMS Felix, Hotel MSSNGR, and many more. Presently, our platform encompasses a total of 47 interfaces.

Our customers appreciate being able to view information from multiple systems conveniently on one single platform: In 2023, we recorded 602 interface activations.

Explore numerous hotelkit best practice insights from colleagues within the hotel industry on our hotelkit Blog.

Delighted Customers and Strong Partnerships

Our main goal is to connect teams and simplify their daily work routine. This year, we are especially proud of the rollout of our software solution in the Asia Pacific Region for all hotels within the Radisson Hotel Group and at the iconic Gut Immenhof, well-known from German film and television. In addition, medikit, our software solution for the healthcare industry, has also made a huge leap forward, securing new multi-property clients like Fairdoctors and the nursing homes of Silberhoamat.

Currently, we’re supporting 3,100 organizations in streamlining their daily work routines efficiently. This was certainly no easy task for our Customer Success team, which in total held 639 trainings for companies in the trial phase, ensuring that all new users can harness the full potential of our platform.

As the name suggests, our Customer Success team is committed to assisting ALL our customers, no matter whether they’re newcomers or longtime customers. In 2023, our customers completed 64,000,000 checklist items, processed 1,800,000 repair orders, and carried out 170,000 walkthroughs, and in case an issue was encountered amidst all this, the support team was always ready to assist promptly. To get in contact with our Customer Success team, simply click on the Support button on the right-hand side.

In our Social Feed hotelkit Moments, our customers have collectively contributed nearly 10,000 posts, maintaining a strong sense of team spirit. In addition, 11,000 new ideas were suggested within hotelkit, amplifying innovation and nurturing a culture of appreciation in the companies.

Alongside our excitement for the numerous new customers, we deeply appreciate the support and strong collaboration with our industry partners. Together, we are committed to simplifying and enhancing the daily work routines of our shared customers.

hotelkit on Tour: Come Meet Us Face-to-Face!

hotelkit participates in various industry events, conferences and trade fairs. Here you can find a complete overview of all the events where you can talk to us in person next year. We are eager to meet with you and engage in enriching conversations.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with our Sales Managers ahead of time to secure a fixed time slot for your inquiries.

You’re not yet a hotelkit customer and would like to find out more about hotelkit? In the video below, we have summarized the most important hotelkit tools for you.


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POV: The life of hotelkids

In case you’re wondering whether we managed to sneak in a bit of fun amidst our busy schedule this year, here’s a look back on office life this year.

Happy Holidays!
Your hotelkit Team

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