Practical implementation of hygiene regulations in hotels

The practice of hygiene has always been of significant importance in hotels. The Covid pandemic has reinforced this awareness but has also increased the complexity of the regulations. But what is the best way to document the current hygiene measures in a time-saving manner and how to communicate these to the entire team? Find out more in this article.

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Example: the restaurant in your hotel is very popular and highly frequented. However, additional tasks, such as the daily disinfection of surfaces and the inspection of hygiene standards, in the various areas of your business challenge your team and are associated with additional organizational effort. Added to this is the complexity of the hygiene regulations in hotels: When and how often must the menu be disinfected by the service staff? How should everything be documented in the hygiene manual? Where can the staff look different procedures up, if they don’t recall a particular step? This can raise a few questions. The hygiene regulations, on the other hand, are not set in stone. And changes must be communicated quickly and transparently to the entire team. These and similar challenges are currently encountered by several colleagues. Wouldn’t a digital logbook be significantly quicker and more sustainable? 

Implementation of hygiene regulations in hotels — quick and simple with hotelkit

The digitalization of hygiene measures in your hotel or restaurant sounds like a lot of work? The contrary is the case. All necessary information, such as protocols, measures, explanations and recurring tasks, must only be added once to your hotelkit. Afterwards, you can quickly and easily document anything via your smartphone, tablet or PC. This saves a lot of valuable time, simplifies the daily work and in case you need to present documents to the authorities, these can be printed out straight away.

Openness and clarification are key when it comes to reassuring guests. Hygiene and cleanliness become the trademark of your hotel.

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The hotelkit manual — a smart knowledge base 

In times like these where new regulations and provisions are consistently introduced and must be considered when it comes to hygiene, the service staff cannot be expected to memorize all the individual steps and procedures in detail.

All the more reason to establish a centralized, understandable and easy to update information library that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The digital hotelkit manual also makes it possible for you to compile your own collection of standards, tutorials, articles, photos, videos and much more. This way, your team will no longer have doubts on how to best implement the new guidelines. And with the help of the search function in hotelkit, the employees have the necessary information at their fingertips with just a few clicks.

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Structure your work routine with digital checklists

Whether it is in the restaurant, the kitchen or in housekeeping — in the daily hotel routine, we can’t afford to lose time with time-consuming tasks and misunderstandings. The hotelkit checklists make it easier for you and your team to implement the current hygiene regulations in all areas of the hotel. This multifunctional tool makes it impossible to lose track. Make checklists for recurring tasks, such as: 

  • Hourly disinfection of public areas
  • Refilling of disinfection stations
  • Hygiene examination of critical checkpoints, for example, in the kitchen and in the cold storage

Moreover, checklists are also useful as hygiene guidelines for your guests. Upon arrival, a separate checklist can be created for each guest based on a previously created template. This also guarantees structured compliance with the officially prescribed Covid regulations.

The hotelkit task tool automatically sends the instructions defined in the checklist to the responsible employee(s) and also documents the implementation. This way, it is easy for you to keep track of the daily cleaning routines and procedures and to guarantee the quality and efficiency. 

Be the master of all hygiene procedures

Has hygiene also become a top priority at your company?! Don’t waste any more time with hand-written notes, handover books and countless printouts. Let us assist you in setting up your own hotelkit platform!

Master all hygiene procedures in your hotel!

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