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“No lack of variety” – The day-to-day work of a software developer at hotelkit

From the start, Kevin Seppelt has been one of our software developers in the hotelkit office in Dresden. Since 2016, he makes sure that the many brilliant feature ideas are written into code. Even after all these years, it is still exciting for him to be part of the hotelkit family.Find out why, here.

Introduce yourself briefly: Who is Kevin Seppelt? Tell us about your hobbies, interests and anything particular from your private life.

I like to consider myself a true Dresden original; I was born here 32 years ago. At that time, the name Kevin, whose image has unfortunately suffered over the years, still enjoyed a fine reputation and was not all that common (ha, ha 😊). Anyhow, I could never really leave Dresden. It is where I completed my studies in Media Computer Science and where I tackle my daily work as a software developer. To this day I don’t live that far away – in the beautiful city of Coswig.

One of my biggest passions is certainly gaming; I have a particular soft spot for strategy, adventure and role-playing games. Aside from that, I also like to be active and explore the surrounding countryside by bike or on foot. I also like to bring my camera to these outside activities. Another great interest of mine is Japan: it’s culture, mindset and cuisine. At the moment, I am trying to improve my Japanese skills which I learned during my studies. Moreover, I would also like to mention my enthusiasm for the beer and whisky culture. As a beer sommelier, I do not only appreciate the versatility of this delicious beverage, but also advocate for the enhancement of this significant cultural asset. I am a very sociable person and enjoy get-togethers with my friends, for example, a barbecue. Other than that, I also like to listen to the music of my favorite bands of the genres Rock, Metal, Alternative and Medieval Rock, such as InExtremo or Billy Talent.

I could never really leave Dresden. It’s where I completed my studies in Media Computer Science and where I tackle my daily work as a software developer at hotelkit. My home is also nearby in the beautiful city of Coswig.

Portrait Kevin Seppelt
Kevin Seppelt Software developer at hotelkit

What sparked your interest in the software industry? And how did you end up at hotelkit?

In my eyes, there is not really a time before the software industry. I developed my interest for the digital world in my childhood and it has therefore accompanied me throughout my entire life. At the age of five, I sat in front of a computer for the first time and dreamt of becoming a video game developer someday. This enthusiasm never faded, and this is also why studying Media Computer Science was the obvious choice for me. After graduation, I worked as a freelancer on different projects for a while, and in 2016 I joined hotelkit after friends had recommended it to me. Since then, I have been a happy member of the team and tackle the day-to-day work as software developer at hotelkit.

You are a ‘Senior Software Developer’ for hotelkit GmbH. What does that imply and what does the day-to-day work of a software developer look like?

A big part of my daily work consists of communication: scrum, replying to front end questions from colleagues and people outside the company, planning new features and much more. The remaining time I fully dedicate to programming. When I first started working at hotelkit, I was known for implementing new features into code in record time. It isn’t for nothing that back then I got the title “Done Dev Kev”. Today, hotelkit is an established software company with a much larger team. Compared to the startup phase, we also work together in a more professional, structured and coordinated manner. This is truly fantastic because as the company grows and changes, so does my field of work. I consider the cooperation with our many different team members as an enrichment of my day-to-day work as a software developer. Even though the team has grown increasingly over the last years, the familiarity remains. Of course, you lose track and wonder whether one or the other team member is new. However, once you get to talking, everyone is instantly on the same wavelength. This is what makes the hotelkit family stand out.

When I first started working at hotelkit, I was known for implementing one feature after the other into code. Through the growth of the company and the hotelkit family, my job has changed as well and that is great. There is never a lack of variety here, and I am always surrounded by nice people.

Portrait Kevin Seppelt
Kevin Seppelt Software developer at hotelkit

You work at our office in Dresden, which is basically the “IT Headquarter” of hotelkit GmbH. How do you motivate yourselves within the team?

I consider our joint team lunches followed by a game of Mario Kart as very motivating. During the game, you can really vent and afterwards, you can continue working in a liberated manner.

How does your work in Dresden today differ from when you first started working?

When I first started working at hotelkit in 2016, I worked in a basement office with three of the hotelkit founders. Nevertheless, from the start, I was treated more like a buddy than an employee. The low-pressure working atmosphere as well as the flat hierarchies that are still prevalent today spur me on to give everything into what I am doing. This would for sure be different, if there was someone pressuring me.

I started as a full stack developer and when it came to new features, I developed everything from back end (server) to front end (user interface). During this initial phase, I didn’t yet have a lot of responsibility, the project was much less complex and there were only a couple of employees and no real administrative system, which is why I was able to respond extremely fast to feedback and new feature requests. This in turn led to me working more and more on the front end since the feedback loop with the management is considerably shorter. This is also the reason why, up to this day, I am the “front end guy” and many of the questions and feedback regarding the user interface end up at my desk first. Now, that we have new colleagues joining the front end team, I also enjoy answering any questions they have and explaining things to them.

Team in Dresden

When it comes to the front end, I am the one to get in contact with as I am hotelkit’s “front end guy”.

Portrait Kevin Seppelt
Kevin Seppelt Software developer at hotelkit

How to spend winter in Dresden?

There are many activities that can be done here during the colder months. For example, exploring the Ore Mountains with their breathtaking views, unique culture and hospitality. There is also a wide range of opportunities for winter sport enthusiasts to pursue their passion(s). And to those with a refined taste, I highly recommend our excellent breweries and distilleries as well as the wineries in Radebeul and Meissen.

Any plans for the future?

At the moment, we are experiencing a lot of exciting developments at hotelkit and I am sure that the future has many more exciting things in store for us. So, it will still take some time until I get bored here.

Quick Questions:

The last app you downloaded?

A: hotelkit Testversion (again) 😛

Your best decision to date?

A: Bicycle wheels that can’t go flat!

Android or IOS?

A: Android!!!!

Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn?

A: Neither: Reddit

3 things you would take to a deserted island?

A: Satellite hotspot, laptop, Nintendo Switch

As soon as it is possible again, where will your next trip be going to?

A: Kyoto

Online check-in or reception?

A: Online

Tea or Coffee?

A: ăŠèŒ¶

About the author

Kevin Seppelt

A gamer since childhood, he started out with his dream of becoming a game developer. In the end he devoted himself to developing other useful things, e.g. User interfaces that make everyday work easier.

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