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Hotel Technology Trends 2024: Top Operations Software overview 

Based on customer reviews and compiled by the established platform Hotel Tech Report, you'll find here a clear overview of the currently best-rated hotel software on the market. Here, we particularly explore the perks of modern hotel management software, with a focus on employee satisfaction and team communication.

To meet the current challenges in the industry, hoteliers need to maximize their team’s efficiency like never before. To deliver great guest service, hotels are increasingly relying on hospitality tech trends, particularly automation tools: Self-service check-ins reduce the need for front desk staff, guest messaging software enable a staff member to attend to multiple guests at once, and collaboration software prevents misunderstandings within the team. The focus is on running hotels more efficiently with smaller teams. This shift towards technology is crucial for streamlined operations and an easy adjustment to the industry’s challenges. 

Hotel Tech Report 2024 

The platform Hotel Tech Report provides a listing of software solutions for hotel operations. It reviews a wide variety of tools and investigates them using more than 100,000 data points. The evaluation process incorporates the views of a professional jury as well as the ratings of end users from over 120 countries. This meticulous analysis culminates in the creation of the Hotel Technology Market Map 2024. 

Hotel Tech Report breaks the Hotel Technology Market Map down into four categories:

Operations, Revenue Management, Marketing and Guest Experience.

Top Hotel Operations Software

Let’s now take a closer look at Hotel Operations Management. Systems for accounting, Property Management (PMS) and Point of Sale (POS) are well-known and form an integral part in the daily operations of a hotel. However, in recent times, platforms aimed at promoting teamwork and employee satisfaction are increasingly being implemented in hotels. We will now unveil why Hotel Operations Systems should be a standard tool in every hotel, just like a PMS. 

Excerpt from here: 2024 Hotel Tech Ecosystem Market Map (Operations)
Figure 1: The hotel technology market depicts a broad range of platforms for the efficient administration of hotel operations. Source: Market Leader Index 204, Hotel Tech Report

Benefits of modern Hotel Operations Software  

Staff Collaboration: 

  • Effective Communication: Communication among different departments and staff members is digitized, leading to improved collaboration and efficiency in the entire hotel. 
  • Task assignment and Tracking: By assigning tasks and tracking the progress, managers can ensure that all employees have a clear understanding of their expectations and responsibilities. 
  • Real-time Notifications: Team members can receive digital notifications about urgent requests, schedule changes, or other relevant information, enhancing response time and facilitating rapid problem-solving. 

Here is the current rundown of the most popular tools for staff collaboration. 

Employee Engagement: 

  • Enhanced Staff Deployment: The efficient scheduling of work hours and the swift communication of changes are simplified. This guarantees that the hotel has sufficient staff to operate smoothly. Especially in times of staff shortages, rapid intervention in case of disruptions is essential.  
  • Employee Satisfaction: A modern work environment can play a significant role in lessening the workload and providing employees with a stronger sense of belonging, which in turn positively affects their satisfaction and dedication to the hotel business. 
  • Efficient Onboarding: Traditional onboarding methods often include cumbersome paperwork and extensive training sessions. However, with the aid of a digital collaboration tool, many repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining the process and eliminating delays. A digitized onboarding process can result in a 50% reduction in time spent on onboarding. 

Here is the current overview of the most favored HR & Staffing Software.

Housekeeping and Engineering: 

  • Streamlined Workflows: Digitization allows for time-saving scheduling, optimization and control of all operations related to room cleaning. 
  • Real-time Communication with Front Office: Integrated into a collaboration tool, the communication between the Front Office and Housekeeping or Maintenance Team becomes more efficient and streamlined. Nothing gets lost in the heat of the moment, thus enhancing the guest’s experience. 
  • Inventory Management: The housekeeping team can track and manage the inventory of cleaning products and supplies through the software and ensure that they are reordered in time, preventing any shortages. 
  • Maintenance Planning: The maintenance team can schedule and document maintenance tasks in rooms and on technical equipment to ensure seamless operations and guest safety. 

Here is the current overview of the most favored software solutions for housekeeping and equipment maintenance. 

The digitization and centralization of daily work processes brings many advantages. It enhances the cooperation among staff members, simplifies staff allocation and accelerates the onboarding of new team members. In addition, it assists the housekeeping and engineering teams in working more efficiently. This means less stress for all involved and leads to happier guests. In today’s competitive environment, this approach to management is crucial for every hotel to enhance their operations and stay competitive. 

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