Success Story

Filario Hotel & Residences: hotelkit is the perfect solution for sustainable high-quality service at this luxury hotel

The 4-star hotel on Lake Como delivers first-class experiences to its discerning guests — and has now found the perfect partner for all their processing needs in hotelkit.

The Filario Hotel & Residences is a luxury vacation hotel on Lake Como in Italy. With its modern architecture, high-end design and special focus on first-class service, the 4-star hotel clearly stands out from the usual vacation hotels. The front-row location directly on the shore offers unique views of Lake Como. 

As a particularly service-oriented luxury hotel, the Filario has only 16 rooms in total, but a comparatively high number of employees. Because they want to offer their guests only the best, all internal and operational processes simply have to function perfectly. Here, the management team around Alessandro Sironi wanted a solution that could easily handle all the challenges of a modern luxury hotel. Smooth communication between the individual departments, error-free processing and documentation of tasks, as well as the documentation and internal allocation of various guest requests and repairs were particular priorities. Today, all of these challenges are easily mastered with state-of-the-art, digitalized processes thanks to hotelkit.

Implementation & test phase

The free trial phase with hotelkit ran from the end of March to the end of April 2018, after which Filario Hotel & Residences became an official hotelkit customer.

During the test phase, the house relied on the direct involvement of all employees. A whole 26 users were involved from the very beginning. Every single one of them was highly motivated and interested in the new tool. Besides, this test phase represented a small premiere for both sides. The Filario was the first hotel in which training was also conducted entirely in Italian — thanks to the great cooperation, this worked smoothly for everyone involved.

Today, hotelkit is used on average by 25-30 employees in seasonal operation. Another advantage of hotelkit: new employees can quickly familiarize themselves with all functions and structures and thus immediately benefit from the existing, easily accessible hotel knowledge.

Our guests expect first-class service, which we can definitely guarantee with simplified, digital processes thanks to hotelkit!

Alessandro Sironi CEO Filario Hotel & Residences


Seasonal operation in the hotel industry involves special challenges, but also opportunities. For the evaluation of hotelkit statistics, this circumstance proved to be a great advantage. In this way, fixed employees can analyze everything in detail during downtime and evaluate the statistics of repairs as well as guest requests. hotelkit offers its customers extensive pre-implemented possibilities in this area. Strengths, potential, and also individual needs in particular areas can be distinguished even more clearly.

By far the most used tool of the luxury hotel: Handovers, followed by Tasks and Guest Requests. In the first season alone, 1,300 handovers were documented in this way — which is all the more remarkable for a hotel with 16 rooms. The total corresponds to an average of 150 handovers per month or just under five per day, each of which was passed on at the reception desk. Additionally, there were a total of almost 200 News items, which are constantly being created.

There are also more than 800 tasks in hotelkit with various repetitions, which support the entire team in their work. This corresponds to around 90 tasks per month. These include daily tasks like cleaning the pool or weekly tasks like polishing glasses. A total of 26 different checklists supplements the task lists.

To date, a total of 448 guest requests have been recorded, an average of just under two per day. Repairs are also regularly documented in hotelkit, with a total of around 300 repair jobs carried out to date.

Also popular: the Ideas tool. Filario employees are particularly creative and discuss thoughts on new menus for guests, for example. In the Handbook, hotel knowledge is pooled for employees to access at any time. There are 57 articles currently available, with more being penned continuously. Another advantage of seasonal operation lies in the fact that in the off-season, permanent employees have time to write and review articles. 

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