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The Trainee Hotel: A unique Training Experience at Living Hotels 

October 2023 saw the launch of an extraordinary project at Living Hotels: The Trainee hotel, an innovative pilot project in which 13 trainees took the helm at Living Hotel Berlin Mitte for six weeks. Among the employees of the Trainee hotel were Kevin and Nisan, two promising talents.

At Living Hotels, every trainee is considered a valuable member of the team right from the start, and the Trainee Hotel also embodies this perspective. The trainees create work schedules, place orders, acquire team leadership skills, and autonomously make decisions—a unique opportunity to independently manage the hotel. To empower the young generation to work digitally and efficiently, hotelkit is used as a communication platform 

This project is a response to the Chamber of Commerce’s (IHK) new training regulation for the hospitality industry, putting greater emphasis on independent work as well as the understanding and managing of departments. Trainees from all 12 Living Hotels’ training sites were able to apply, with the focus being on intense learning experience, diversity and the best possible preparation for the future of the trainees. During the project, those selected were exempt from vocational school, given time for self-study sessions and received on-site support. The Trainee Hotel, however, offers more than just work—it’s a space for personal development and self growth where mistakes are considered learning opportunities. And in case support is needed, an experienced team at the neighboring Living Hotel is ready to help out. Welcome to the Trainee Hotel where the spotlight is on the future of the trainees! 

How has your day-to-day work changed since you took over responsibility at Living Hotel Berlin Mitte? 

Kevin:  We were all assigned to our respective departments. I work at the reception. My daily work routine has changed in that I’m now making all decisions independently. This has increased my confidence in my own skills within the operation. I feel more capable and feel myself needing less support. 

What happens if a mistake is made? 

Nisan: You can’t just pass on responsibility and quickly ask the manager what to do. Of course, there might be times when a mistake happens. However, I consider this as a normal and instructive part of my work. Most of the time, these are small mistakes that can be easily fixed. I consider this as a chance to learn and grow, and I’m not afraid of making mistakes. 

“As department head of the reception, I have a lot of responsibility. For me, this now means that I have a lot more self-confidence than before.” — Nisan, Trainee at Living Hotel Düsseldorf (Germany) / Trainee Hotel 

As department head of the reception, I have a lot of responsibility. For me, this now means that I have a lot more self-confidence than before.

Nisan Trainee at Living Hotel Düsseldorf (Germany) / Trainee Hotel 

Kevin: In regular exchange meetings with the team of the neighboring hotel, Living Hotel Großer Kurfürst, we receive constructive feedback to our questions, however, without immediate intervention. This feedback enables us to keep the error rate low. Nevertheless, we are independent and autonomous in our decision-makings. 

What is the feedback from guests on this project? 

Kevin:  So far, we have only received positive feedback. Some guests have learned about this project through the media, they talk to us about it and support the initiative. 

What do you think of hotelkit as a communication platform, compared to other communication methods? 

Kevin: I consider hotelkit to be extremely convenient as it offers the possibility to track everything in a detailed manner. Clarifications that need to be made in person or via the phone can potentially lead to a loss of overview, so I consider this tool a great help. 

hotelkit is extremely user-friendly. Even as a beginner, I was able to quickly navigate the platform.

Kevin Trainee at Living Hotel at Olympiapark in Munich / Trainee Hotel

Nisan: I prefer digital communication as the information is more easily accessible. Compared to making phone calls or writing emails, hotelkit is much simpler and much more efficient. 

Can you give us any examples of how you use hotelkit in your day-to-day work? 

Kevin: We use the handover tool on a daily basis to pass on important information to other colleagues and to document our shift handovers. In our hotelkit, we use recurring tasks with checklists, for example, for our daily to-dos at the reception. Repair orders are also processed via hotelkit. 


The Trainee Hotel is not only a cool training experience, but also a real game changer in addressing the labor shortage. Kevin and Nisan have gained self-confidence and conscientiousness. This underlines the importance of these training programs, not only for the individual development of the participants, but also for the industry as a whole. The managers of Living Hotels view the Trainee hotel as a true success and announced that it will be offered to trainees again in the coming years.

About Living Hotels 

Living Hotels uniquely combines serviced apartments and hotel rooms to cater to both city travelers and long-term business guests. Serviced apartments provide the comfort of a home with a fully equipped kitchenette, free high-speed Wi-Fi and the amenities of a first-class hotel. With locations in numerous major cities, the apartment hotels offer flexible temporary living — be it in the vibrant city center or in a tranquil, green surrounding for a relaxing stay. 
At Living Hotels, emphasis is placed on warmth and individuality, while the commitment to sustainable tourism benefits the guests as well as the environment. The teams across the 18 Living Hotels communicate via hotelkit. 

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