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How many employees does it take to change a light bulb? One to call in the repair, one to receive the order, one to change it, one to check if it has been changed? The more people involved in a process, the more frequently communication issues occur. With digital tools, the light bulbs basically change themselves!

Smooth operations at your hotel

Use case - Facility Management

Digitize all facility services

Good tools make short work of your job. Digital tools reduce the time that goes into coordination. They let you describe the order more accurately and assign it to the right person straight away. Since you can check off more jobs in the same amount of time, you’ll still be crushing your 10,000 steps.

hotelkit Tools Repairs

Quick & easy

Regular maintenance and repairs are the grease that keeps your hotel running smoothly. With the Repairs tool, repair jobs can be processed with a swish and a flick. Using a mobile device, the repair order can be submitted directly on site and with pictures. It’s magical.

The Living Hotels complete



with hotelkit per month.

With hotelkit, repair jobs are easy to record, so that they can be completed quickly. As a result, the whole team saves time.

Zorica Momcicevic Rooms Manager | Ramada Amsterdam Airport
hotelkit Tools Walkthroughs

Like a walk in the park

They can be a nuisance but are also a necessity: hotel Walkthroughs. Here’s your chance to make them more comfortable and maybe even fun with hotelkit. Scan NFC-tags with a mobile device to document the tour. Handwritten notes or reports that have gone missing are now a thing of the distant past. It’s like a walk in the park!

These hotels have already mastered their Facility Management with hotelkit.

Facility Management Tools

Make it all run like clockwork with the digital hotelkit tools!

Facility Management in the hotel

A hotel’s facility management skills usually only become an issue when all the many little cogs turning in the background get stuck. Facility management generally involves the administration and management of buildings, technical facilities and equipment. However, simple maintenance is far from the only responsibility that falls to facility management. They are also in charge of tasks like energy management and purchasing.
Be it a coffee machine on strike at the breakfast buffet, a PC refusing to cooperate or sudden and unwanted disco lighting in the lobby – these are the things that put a downer on a guest’s stay at your hotel and something they most likely will remember. Sometimes things break down. That’s life. But with the right tools, problems can be solved faster and more easily when they do occur.

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