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5 ways to more sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone's lips, and rightly so! It is time for an economy that focuses on resources and not just money. Here are 5 ways hotelkit not only helps to protect the environment, but also ensures sustainable processes and happy employees in your company. Find out more by reading on!

Be sustainable with hotelkit.

Working paperless? The new normal thanks to hotelkit

Ever seen old 1970s pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime? As solid as a Styrian oak. The handbooks and handover books in classically run hotels often look just as buff, but not in a good way. Speaking of Styrian oak. As we all know, paper does not grow on trees, but it is made from a precious raw material, wood. Manual articles, handovers, notifications on post-its, checklists and much more — wood makes up a much larger percentage of a hotel’s interior than we might know. However, paper waste is not only a dilemma in terms of resources, but also for climate and species protection. Trees absorb the greenhouse gas CO2, and forests in turn are the habitat of billions of animals. How can we make sure to use this precious resource, the tree, wisely?

Quite simply, by working with hotelkit. Thanks to the practical features and tools of hotelkit, all essential processes of your hotel can be mapped digitally. No matter if checklists, handbook articles, handovers, or notes to the whole team — everything has a place in hotelkit. After all, the founder of the digital platform, Marius Donhauser, was also once a paper-plagued hotelier. A hotel routine without paper chaos and overflowing folders does not have to remain a pipe dream, but can also become reality in your business.

Are you tired of wasting paper in your day-to-day? With hotelkit’s tools and features, the overflowing folders in your business are a thing of the past.

Save energy resources with hotelkit

OMMMM, and the energy flows through the body. Not only in your yoga class, also in the hotel it is important that the energy goes where it is needed. But even your appliances and lamps need a break once in a while. In order to conserve energy, it is important to regularly check that appliances and light bulbs are switched off when not in use. hotelkit offers a practical solution for this, guaranteeing that everything is off when not in use. Recurring checklists for walk-throughs can easily be linked to NFC tags, which only need to be positioned on the devices or light switches to be checked. The employees responsible for the walk-through confirm their check by scanning this chip, meaning they have to physically have been on site. In this way, you can use hotelkit to ensure that no energy is wasted in your company.

Combine recurring checklists in hotelkit with NFC tags, and you won’t have to worry about devices staying on when they’re not in use.

Maintain instead of throwing away. hotelkit makes it possible

RIP. Taken from us far too soon. Isn’t it frustrating when another appliance is off to the scrapyard and you feel like you’ve only just bought it? You might ask yourself if something could have been done to prolong its life. Were the condensers of the refrigerator cleaned regularly? Or the cooling fins of the heating system? The seals of the minibar door? The secret to a long, happy appliance life is “maintenance”. With hotelkit, sustained and proper inspection of equipment becomes a breeze. Checklist items can be linked to manual articles, which show in a structured, detailed way, supported by pictures and video material, how the maintenance of a device has to be done. If the devices are also equipped with NFC tags that can be scanned during the rounds, there is a real guarantee that someone has taken care of the inspection. No more sad trips to the tip. Instead, save money, and resources, while employees and guests enjoy perfectly functioning devices.

If your equipment is maintained regularly, its lifespan will increase. With checklists and manual articles in hotelkit, proper maintenance is guaranteed.

Sustainable processes and quality assurance

It’s nice when everything in your business runs like clockwork, not just today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but constantly and sustainably. hotelkit helps you to achieve this. With the tools News and Handovers, the whole team can be quickly updated on virtually anything. No matter when, no matter where. Relevant information is not lost, and employees who work part-time or are just returning from vacation can be brought up to speed even before they are back at work.

hotelkit also ensures sustainability in personnel planning. Especially in housekeeping there are more intensive and quiet phases. With hotelkit Housekeeping you always know exactly when and where you need your staff members, and how many of them. You can create a schedule in no time without any idle time or bottlenecks. If you are tired of time-consuming and nerve-wracking searches through your paper manual for a specific article, the digital manual in hotelkit is exactly what you need. The handy search function guarantees that you and your employees will find everything you’re looking for. Plus, you have the opportunity to continuously expand the knowledge base of your operation. For example, while we’re on the subject of environmental protection, by adding a recycling plan. The reading check also ensures that even the most reluctant readers in your team have had a look at the latest Handbook article. Checklists for daily routines, such as walk-throughs, can also be mapped in digital form and sent to the employees in charge regularly. And if there’s a surprise visit from the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency)? Then you can quickly demonstrate that the standards are met in your company. This is how sustainable quality assurance is created, quick and easy.

Sustainable communication and quality assurance often seem like unattainable goals in a business. With hotelkit, they become easily attainable.

Use the innovative power of your team for more sustainability!

Happy employees are the guarantee for success in your company. Sounds like one of those calendar quotes by Confucius. Or Churchill. In this case, however, the author of this text has taken the liberty to express himself in a smart-ass way. Because hotelkit is perfectly suited to ensure more satisfaction in your team. With the Ideas Tool, the digital platform offers its own forum where employees can contribute their ideas and thus actively participate in the development of the company. Subsequently, these ideas can be expanded in the discussion, thought through further and finally implemented. What can sustainability look like in housekeeping? Or in the kitchen? With hotelkit, the search for a solution begins directly with the experts, namely your employees in the various departments, who know exactly where the shoe pinches. This possibility of co-creating not only fosters identification with the company, but also the enthusiasm of your team. Here, hotelkit offers the possibility of an actual exchange about sustainability. In hotelkit Moments, employees can share special experiences from their everyday life with the rest of the team, such as the brand-new solar panels they had installed in their home or pictures from their cycling vacation in Amsterdam.

Your team is full of good ideas for more sustainability in your company. With the Ideas and Moments tools, you can take full advantage of the innovative power of your own workforce!

Are you ready for more sustainability in your business?

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