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InterContinental Vienna: Opting for Digital Handovers over Spreadsheets

Looking back, the day-to-day work at InterContinental hotel Vienna has significantly evolved. Joao Everard has been the Front Office Manager for 10 years and has witnessed many changes during this time. Especially in recent years and with the implementation of the communication platform hotelkit, a great deal has changed. Everard shares his experiences with us and outlines how hotelkit contributes to a successful work day for the Front Office team at InterContinental hotel Vienna.

Front Office Efficiency at InterContinental Vienna

The implementation of hotelkit has significantly enhanced the workflow at InterContinental hotel, and the Front Office team is delighted with the user-friendly interface and the streamlined organization it provides. In the past, they used spreadsheets and had to make a lot of phone calls, leading to loss of information and unnecessary delays. However, since implementing hotelkit, these concerns are now a thing of the past.

Collaboration with other departments

One of the most impressive use cases for the Front Office team is the smooth cooperation with other departments, such as Housekeeping, Room Service and the Maintenance department.

Joao Everard: We are constantly communicating with colleagues from other departments, and hotelkit makes it easy for us to coordinate guest requests and tasks. hotelkit provides a centralized overview of the status of tasks, making it easy for the team to organize itself. Creating and forwarding tasks is now a simple and time-saving process and can be done whilst focusing on other matters. hotelkit is a fantastic tool that significantly streamlines communication with other departments. We keep track of the progress of all tasks.

hotelkit for Front Office teams – 5 Real-Life Use Case Examples

1. Digital Handovers

The handover tool digitally conveys important information to colleagues working the next shift. Like this, handovers are easily understandable and clear. Information no longer gets lost, and everyone is always in the loop. Additionally, colleagues from other departments can be linked and important details can be discussed in the comments.

2. Standardized Shift Checklists

Digital checklists make it possible to systematically work through everyday routines, like the morning or night shift at the reception, onboarding new employees and much more.
Checklists can be generated once, and with our repetition feature, a recurring interval can be defined. This way, the checklist is automatically repeated. Problems or remarks can be discussed in the comments.

3. Documenting Repair Orders

The repairs tool has turned reporting damages into a much simpler process as the tool automatically suggests responsible technicians, and damages can be illustrated by attaching photos to the repair order. The progress of a repair order is always clear.

4. Real-time Communication with the Housekeeping Team

The integration of the hotelkit Housekeeping Tool allows for a concise overview of the real-time status of updated room cleanings. Communicating with the Housekeeping team is now stress-free and straightforward.

5. Swift processing of Guest requests and Complaints

The Guest Request tool makes communicating and taking care of requests a lot smoother as the request can be transmitted directly to the appropriate recipients and assigned with a binding deadline.

Similarly, hotelkit makes it possible to swiftly respond to complaints. The location and problem type can be added, the appropriate recipients selected, and the resolution process developed and monitored.

hotelkit is functional, efficient and awesome.

It’s now hard to envision working without hotelkit. No other tool centralizes everything so seamlessly.

Joao Everard Front Office Manager InterContinental Vienna

Joao Everard – Front Office Manager InterContinental Vienna At the InterContinental hotel Vienna, hotelkit has proven to be indispensable to ensure smooth work processes and is a good example of how innovative technology can streamline hotel operations. Find out more in this video:


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