Implement Hotel Standard Operating Procedures with Clypp Video Tutorials

The everyday work in hotels is characterized by routines: The inspection of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems or the usage of kitchen appliances. The more successful the employees are at implementing these routines, the better the guest service is. Clypp’s founder, Maximilian Zeyda, explains in this article how video tutorials that are available in an easily accessible digital handbook can contribute to the successful implementation of SOP’s.

Clypp Tutorial

How to successfully implement Hotel Standard Operating Procedures?

In the past, hotel businesses wrote all work procedures down in unclear paper-based manuals; today digitalization provides the possibility to document content centrally on one platform, where it can be accessed around the clock and regardless of location by all employees.

Not only availability and clarity are improved: By adding images and videos, the comprehensibility of written instructions and descriptions is enhanced considerably.

Maximilian Zeyda Founder Clypp

Ultimately, the successful implementation of Hotel Standard Operating Procedures can, of course, only be guaranteed if the employees are provided with the necessary technical prerequisites: By this I mean there needs to be a well-functioning internet connection and smartphones or tablets for the employees to use during their daily work.

Why can it be helpful to document work procedures and equipment manuals with images and videos?

Science provides us with important evidence here: The human brain can process visual content 60,000 times quicker than text. As a hotelier, I have an avid interest in making my team familiar with the Hotel Standard Operating Procedures as quickly and time-efficiently as possible. Moreover, images and videos allow complex working steps to be depicted in a clear and simple manner. If employees can fully understand the individual steps of the routines, their work is less error-prone.

Finally, there is also a social aspect to the use of audiovisual information sources at the workplace: The young, digitally savvy workforce that the hospitality industry is currently trying to attract, consumes a huge number of images and videos on social media and other platforms.

If I want to present myself as an attractive employer, I need to take the communication practices of the younger generations into account and offer them a modern work environment.

Maximilian Zeyda Founder Clypp

What is Clypp exactly?

Clypp is a software that enables everyone to create short video tutorials in a quick and easy manner and share them with their colleagues. The online platform is available via app and for every device. It offers intuitive functions that enable anyone to create high-quality audiovisual content without prior knowledge. Editing videos is also no problem with Clypp.  Moreover, personal data can be pixelated with an easy-to-use function, which can be relevant for tutorials showing hotel guests. Overcoming language barriers is also no longer a challenge, the integrated translation program enables Clypp to automatically create subtitles and transcripts in various languages.

How does the interface between Clypp and hotelkit work?

hotelkit is the platform for internal communication within hotel businesses. The interface makes it possible to store video tutorials that have been created with Clypp in the digital hotelkit handbook with only one click. This way employees can watch audiovisual content directly within hotelkit.

Implement SOPs successfully!

About Clypp

Clypp enables all employees to create high-quality and informative video tutorials on work procedures with only a few clicks. Record your screen, explain the processes and receive a video, screenshots and a step-by-step instruction – all completely automated.

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