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Operational Efficiency: hotelkit’s Impact at Dorint Hotel Worms

The Dorint Hotel Alzeys/Worms, part of the Halbersbacher Hospitality Group, offers 105 rooms and junior suites. Since July 2023, Chastonie Stola has been working in the hotel as Resident Manager and has since gained first experiences with the hotelkit platform. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on hotelkit and how it has positively impacted her role as Resident Manager.

Success Story Alzey Worms

Keep track with hotelkit

How does hotelkit assist in maintaining an overview of all work processes? 

Chastonie Stola: hotelkit enables me to access information that was disseminated before I started working there, which wouldn’t be feasible with a single email inbox. Moreover, I can see who read my handovers and carried out the tasks I assigned. Instead of managing multiple tools or lists, I now have a single platform that enables me to contact all relevant departments and assign tasks. Overall, hotelkit assists me to work faster and organize my daily workload more efficiently, even on the go via the app. 

My first positive experience with hotelkit was when I got tips and tricks from other GM’s of the Halbersbacher Group about the breakfast process within just 20 minutes of asking. 

Easy Delegation of Tasks

How does hotelkit help you delegate tasks? 

Chastonie Stola: hotelkit significantly facilitates the collaboration and coordination of tasks within the team. I can clearly see who has completed which tasks without needing to follow up with anyone. The responsibilities are clearly defined, as tasks are automatically assigned and ticked off by the responsible employees. For me, it’s important to know who has done what, and that we as a team cover all bases. Nothing should fall through the cracks because relevant information is missing at one point or another. 

Knowledge retention

How does hotelkit help to retain knowledge within the team when someone leaves the company? 

Chastonie Stola: hotekit serves as a kind of database where all the knowledge of the hotel and the group are stored. In my previous professional experiences, it was often difficult to locate specific information or determine when it was last updated. Now, using the search function, I can swiftly find relevant articles. hotelkit expands with the team and preserves collective knowledge, which is particularly advantageous during staff turnover

hotelkit is dynamic: It continually evolves and adjusts to requirements.

Chastonie Stola Resident Manager

Time efficiency with hotelkit

Do you save time with hotelkit? 

Chastonie Stola: Yes, definitely. hotelkit allows me to have everything consolidated in one place and keep track of different departments. This increase in efficiency naturally saves a great deal of time. The more I use hotelkit, the more I notice this. 

Location-independent accessibility 

How important is the mobile app for you?

Chastonie: The hotelkit app works just as well as the browser version. Being able to access hotelkit from anywhere is very important to me. If I think of something while on the go or want to delegate a task, I can do it immediately via the app and don’t need to carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. All employees either have a smartphone or access to a computer, facilitating efficient connectivity. 

Communication with the central departments

How do you communicate with the Halbersbacher Service Center or sister hotels? 

Chastonie: Around 85 percent of communication within the Halbersbacher Group is conducted via hotelkit. We resort to emails only in special cases, such as external inquiries. All tasks, details on installments, SOP modifications and reviews are communicated via hotelkit. 

Advantages of hotelkit

Would you recommend hotelkit? 

Chastonie: I recommend hotelkit to all hotels, as it prevents a lot of misunderstandings and aids in enhancing communication, while also making information readily available to the entire team. It’s very time saving and reduces our workload significantly.

Conclusion: The interview with Chastonie Stola shows how hotelkit optimizes the processes at Dorint Hotel Alzey/Worms and helps the staff to work and communicate more efficiently. Through the central platform, tasks are passed on to those responsible, information is shared, and the collective knowledge of the team is preserved. This leads to an increase in productivity and time savings.

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