“hotelkit is the ultimate tool” — A Design Hotels’ review

The member houses of the Design Hotels Collection boast unusual architecture and locations in unique places around the world. To optimize operational processes and provide outstanding guest service, 16 Design Hotels are already working with hotelkit (as of June 2021).

Many Design Hotels are already entusiastic hotelkit users.

Design Hotels — These are exceptional, independently owned and operated hotels in over 200 locations worldwide. To guarantee an unforgettable guest experience, efficient processes and a smoothly networking team are key. Therefore, more and more design hotels are opting to use hotelkit. Well-known houses such as the Mandala Berlin, Sir Adam Amsterdam or FORM Hotel Dubai share their success stories with the tool here. They describe how they master the challenges of everyday hotel life thanks to the digital collaboration platform. 

How has the implementation of hotelkit changed your everyday work?

“I was able to use hotelkit to restructure the processes in the housekeeping team and simplify things in many places. Today, we can almost completely do without telephone calls. Our colleagues are no longer disturbed in their work processes.” – Franziska Schöler, Executive Housekeeper, The Mandala Berlin, Germany

“My team and I decided to handle repairs, guest requests and all daily communication exclusively via hotelkit from day one and that has been a complete success!” – Christian Andresen, CEO, The Mandala Berlin, Germany

Hans Christian Andresen is a fan of hotelkit.

“The initial focus was on optimizing the entire communication in the hotel, which was clearly successful. At the same time, however, we also managed to simplify processes such as repair management.” – Hendrik Maas, Küchendirektor, SIDE Design Hotel & [m]eatery Restaurants, Hamburg, Germany

What are your favorite tools in hotelkit?  

“Whether it’s via smartphone, tablet, or PC, hotelkit helps us collaborate better anytime, anywhere, even across departments. The entire hotel team is connected in one place. A digital communication and collaboration platform, there’s no more apt way to describe hotelkit. At FORM Hotel, we are particularly enthusiastic about hotelkit Housekeeping. This efficient tool has made processes in our housekeeping department much smoother and integrates perfectly with our PMS. This is the only way we can achieve our goal of being one of the most sustainable hotels in Dubai.” – Hamza Moukarram, Director of Operations, FORM Hotel, Dubai, V.A.E.

“I think Handovers in hotelkit are great. We use this tool daily to update the whole team and inform them about important events in our hotel.” – Rick de Jonge, Cluster Manager, Sir Adam / Sir Albert, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What makes hotelkit different from other digital communication platforms? Why do you prefer hotelkit? 

“You can tell that the creators of hotelkit are from the industry and know what it is about. They pick up hotel-internal processes precisely and thus facilitate their customers’ daily work. We are excited to see how this great product will evolve further.” – Christian Andresen, CEO, The Mandala, Berlin, Germany

Hans Christian Andresen is a fan of hotelkit.

“hotelkit is the perfect tool for communication within a hotel and can be flexibly adapted to the needs and processes of the respective operation.” – Stephan Jungo, Project Manager, CERVO Mountain Resort, Zermatt, Switzerland

Why would you recommend hotelkit to your colleagues in other design hotels?

“I use hotelkit every day, and it is fun to exchange ideas with the team on different topics this way!” – Alex Obertop, General Manager, SIDE Design Hotel, Hamburg, Germany

“The reason I would recommend hotelkit to colleagues in other hotels is an obvious one: it is the perfect solution for all areas of a hotel. The collaboration platform enables smooth communication between all employees. Handovers, the creation of checklists, and the submission of tasks. All the things that required considerable effort before hotelkit was implemented are now simply routine thanks to the digital collaboration platform. In addition, hotelkit’s Handbook offers the possibility to collect and conveniently access all important processes and documents in one place. Of course, many other practical tools such as Repairs, Glitch, Guest Requests or hotelkit Housekeeping are also worth mentioning. They all enable us to provide guests with the outstanding service they expect from us.” – Hamza Moukarram, Director of Operations, FORM Hotel, Dubai, V.A.E.

“One of the biggest challenges is to make communication simply work in a busy hotel environment. hotelkit has eliminated all the communication channels we used to have. Information is now only transmitted via this one, single digital collaboration platform. And it is transmitted efficiently, transparently and in a targeted manner.” – Rick de Jonge, Cluster Manager, Sir Adam / Sir Albert, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How does hotelkit influence guest satisfaction in your hotel?  

“Our guests expect first-class service, which we can guarantee with simplified, digital processes thanks to hotelkit!” – Alessandro Sironi, CEO, Filario Hotel & Residences, Lezzeno, Italy

“Thanks to daily reports from the different outlets, guest requests and feedback can be addressed immediately to offer guests an even more memorable stay. ” – Stephan Jungo, Project Manager, CERVO Mountain Resort, Zermatt, Switzerland

About Design Hotels Collection
The Design Hotels Collection is a creative hotel family that has existed for almost 30 years. All hotels feature captivating, unusual architecture and are located in exceptional places. The independently managed hotels are committed to the culture and hospitality of their respective countries. There are now more than 300 Design Hotels in over 200 locations around the world. Learn more about the Design Hotels Collection here.  

Design Hotels and hotelkit — it’s a match!
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