Success Story

Digital walkthroughs with NFC tags at Radisson Blu Lucerne 

Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne first started working with hotelkit in 2019 and has since then managed to introduce an innovative security strategy under the leadership of General Manager Markus Conzelmann. Especially when it comes to the daily walkthroughs that are documented with the use of NFC tags, installed at specific control points throughout the building, the hotel managed to elevate its security measures to the next level.

Challenges & Goals

Previously, paper sheets were placed at critical control points on which the Manager on Duty would fill in the date, his/her name and their signature once they had inspected the respective control point. This method, however, had certain drawbacks. Thanks to the hotelkit task tool, daily walkthroughs for the Manager on Duty and the maintenance team can now be created digitally and linked to strategically positioned control points. This enables hotel staff to document walkthroughs efficiently and clearly. The walkthrough process is now well structured and can be carried out systematically. This way, the responsible staff simply scans the NFC tag, and the inspection is immediately documented. Since July 2019, the staff at Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne has created 28 daily repeating tasks as well as approximately 200 checklists which guarantee seamless work processes for the entire team.

Walkthroughs are now as seamless as ever. Like this, we know exactly who checked specific control points and at what time.

Markus Conzelmann General Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne

Practical Implementation – Digital Walkthrough

Night walkthrough: A Manager on Duty’s night walkthrough consists of various specific checkpoints. This can include checking whether windows have been closed in different rooms, checking the temperature in the storage room, closing the office doors, turning off the sauna in the fitness room and checking the cleanliness of the lobby. NFC tags are placed at all these control points: During the night walkthrough, the Manager on Duty scans these tags, and the information is then directly documented in the hotelkit checklist.

The security walkthrough also includes specific control points that need to be checked. These checkpoints are, for example, checking if emergency exit doors are closed, checking the fire extinguishers on different floors and rooms, verifying whether the light in the gym is working, checking the temperature in the server room as well as detecting water leaks and other damages. NFC tags are now essential for these walkthroughs and guarantee that everything is documented properly in hotelkit.

Benefits of digital checklists: The assurance of security and safety has a beneficial influence on certifications such as the Safe Hotel Certificate. This way, substantial damages or outages can be prevented or detected early on. Digitalization improves this procedure and guarantees a solid control of all appliances and locations, which increases security in the hotel and strengthens the guest’s trust.

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