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Internal Communication without Emails – hotelkit connects AlpinTrend Group

The AlpinTrend Group was on the lookout for a digital communication solution. The goal was to find a tool that would not only optimize the cooperation within the individual businesses but also make it easier for the AlpinTrend head office to communicate and transmit information and standards to the entire group. Sofia de Anta, Head of Marketing and Sales, explains why hotelkit is the perfect fit for AlpinTrend Group.

The AlpinTrend Group is a compound of hotels, restaurants and adventure businesses amid the impressive mountain area of the canton Grisons in Switzerland. In order to improve the collaboration in the 14 businesses with about 270 employees as well as to enable smooth communication between the headquarter and the team, AlpinTrend Group decided to implement the digital solution hotelkit in March 2020. Sofia de Anta, Head of Marketing and Sales of AlpinTrend Group, outlines in this interview how being connected via digital tools has significantly improved the internal exchange between the AlpinTrend head office and the individual sites.

Why did the AlpinTrend Group decide in favor of hotelkit?

We are a growing company with 5 hotels, 8 restaurants and one chairlift. In an organization of this size, it is challenging to communicate information in a systematic and transparent manner to all team members. Adding countless people to CC when sending emails is not only tiresome, but you are also never sure if everyone involved has seen and read the information. A jam-packed inbox, which causes you to lose track of what is really important, is yet another inconvenience. hotelkit has significantly improved our internal communication.

The digital solution allows us to structure topics and send them to specific team members, departments or predefined individuals and/or groups. In addition to that, we can keep track of whether specific information has already been read by the recipients.

Sofia de Anta Head of Marketing & Sales

By using hotelkit, we were able to reduce our e-mail correspondence by 95 percent; the remaining 5 percent result from communicating with external service providers.

How does hotelkit connect all companies of AlpinTrend Group?

hotelkit enabled us to connect our headquarter to the individual sites which was done in line with the individual requirements of our company. Like this, the departments of the AlpinTrend head office have access to the hotelkits of the businesses they work particularly closely with. This means that HR, for example, has access to the platforms of all sites; the marketing department, in turn, works closely with hotel Lenzerhorn and is therefore connected to their hotelkit.

What does AlpinTrend communicate to the individual businesses via hotelkit?

All information concerning our team, for example, special employee benefits, most recently the offer of a discounted season ski pass. In the domain of marketing, we use hotelkit to implement brand standards, for example, to make our individual sites aware of our Marketing Strategy, Corporate Identity and Corporate Design but also to organize events and campaigns. The marketing department communicates important information, for instance, posters that need to be put up or details concerning an event via hotelkit to the responsible people in the individual businesses.

Which hotelkit tools are used most at the headquarter?

This depends on the department. The staff that takes care of bookings works with a digital to-do list that contains all their tasks and is transmitted to them automatically on a daily basis. The HR department, in turn, mainly uses the digital handbook that stores all the information that is relevant for the company. In the marketing department, we prefer to use digital handovers as a means of communicating with each other and the individual sites.

How has hotelkit changed the cooperation within the company?

Despite our large and consistently growing team, there are far less uncertainties than before.

hotelkit enables us to communicate in a transparent manner and ensures that information reaches all team members. If everyone is on the same page, nothing can hinder a successful collaboration.

Sofia de Anta Head of Marketing & Sales

How would you describe hotelkit in three words?

Clear – quick – simple

Are you tired of communicating via email?

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