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hotelkit Moments at Henriette Stadthotel – a social feed for better team cohesion

The Henriette Stadthotel in Vienna counts among the first hotelkit clients. They have been working with the smart & innovative communication solution since 2012. In doing so, hotelkit has also always been used to promote the cohesion within the team. Since recently, the team of the Viennese city hotel has been sharing snippets of their daily work routine as well as their personal life in the social stream “hotelkit Moments”.

Why do you consider the social stream important for your team? 

The social component in a team has always been of significant importance to us. This is also why, we were using hotelkit as a means to communicate appreciation—even before the launch of hotelkit Moments. Only at that time, we had to be a tad more creative. In 2019, we created a handover with the title “Well done” where all team members could express praise to one another in the comments. In July 2020, we started a new round and created “Well done pt. 2″. During the first lockdown, we continued to strive for team cohesion and created the handover “Stronger together”. In this handover, we kept each other informed about what was going on in everyone’s private lives. It helped us to stay in touch even whilst staying at home due to the pandemic. Once hotelkit Moments was launched, we suddenly had the perfect tool at our disposal to share special experiences with the whole team or to simply put a smile on someone else’s face. Ever since the launch of hotelkit Moments, we have been using this tool a ton and the promotion of motivation within the team now basically happens on its own. 

t is truly amazing and delightful, if a worktool also takes into account the personal component. Through hotelkit Moments, hotelkit puts the focus on the people that work in the hotel. And I consider this as extremely important: Because the success of a business comes and goes with the people that work in it.

Lisi Egger
Lisi Egger Marketing

How does hotelkit Moments assist you with employee motivation and engagement? 

hotelkit Moments is a definite enrichment for our team. As in many businesses, it is also possible in hotels that some team members aren’t aware of what is going on in other departments.

Thanks to hotelkit Moments, everyone has the possibility to share snippets from their daily work in the hotel with the rest of the team. This way, everyone gets an insight into the different departments and can express praise to other team members, be it by commenting on a Moment post or by giving it a “thumps up”. And the personal component is also not neglected: If somebody posts something from his/her personal life, I get to know this person a bit better. In addition to more cooperation, this also creates inspiration for the business: For example, if somebody posts a picture of a cake in hotelkit Moments, it is totally possible that we will make the cake part of our breakfast buffet. 

What is mainly posted in your hotelkit Moments? 

hotelkit Moments has become an integral part of our daily interaction with the team. The content posted to hotelkit Moments is about the hotel and the activities carried out by the different departments. In general, the postings in our hotelkit Moments tool are an interesting mixture, ranging from vacation photos to a particularly nicely decorated hotel room to photos from a visit to a current art exhibition.

hotelkit connects your hotel team!

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