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A Superior Guest Experience: hotelkit’s role in Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing

hotelkit has been a long-standing partner of Radisson Hotel Group for many years now. The platform designed for internal communication and collaboration will now also continuously be rolled out in the APAC region. The Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing in China has been working with hotelkit since 2022 and is one of the first properties in this region that have started digitalizing their day-to-day work. In this interview, Philip Peng, Director of Operations, and May Zeng, Executive Housekeeper, tell us about the efficient processing of guest requests and the digital repair management in hotelkit.

In what way does hotelkit assist the Operations department with managing hotel business operations?

Philip: At the moment, I’m in charge of the coordination and implementation of hotelkit at Radisson Blu Chongqing. Additionally, I currently spend a lot of time in the Radisson Chongqing South Hot Spring hotel, which is currently in the pre-opening phase, and hotelkit hasn’t yet been implemented.

Philip: Via my smartphone, I can access hotelkit at all times and from anywhere. This saves a lot of time and accelerates all work processes. With hotelkit I can precisely track at what time a guest request was created and when it was carried out. Through the statistics function, I can observe how much time it took us to complete a guest request, making productivity directly quantifiable. Should a guest request still be undone after a certain amount of time, I can remind the responsible staff of the request. This has proved highly beneficial for our Operations department.

With hotelkit I can monitor the work progress, even though I spend most of my time at the second hotel. I always have an overview of all created and completed guest requests.

Philip Peng Director of Operations at Radisson Chongqing South Hot Spring

The Guest Requests and Repairs tools are the most used tools in your hotel. How exactly do you use them?

May: When the occupancy in our hotel is very high, there is, of course, also an influx in guest requests. A lot of guest requests, for example, soap and other hygiene products. With hotelkit these guest requests are transmitted quickly and clearly to the responsible staff.

My favorite hotelkit function is documenting all the requested products. This enables us to factor in frequently demanded items during procurement and ensure higher stocking levels. It also contributes to cost control.

May Zeng Executive Housekeeperin im Radisson Blu Chongqing

Our housekeeping supervisors check the room on a daily basis. If necessary, they create a repair order in hotelkit, which is a fairly simple process as it is only necessary to type in the room number and the repair order. Further details can be added in the text box.

Philip: We use the guest requests and repairs tools the most as, in my opinion, they cater to the core needs of hotels. Before the implementation of hotelkit, guest requests were communicated to the guest service center via telephone and then communicated to the respective department. Since the implementation of hotelkit, all requests are created in the guest requests tool in hotelkit. We no longer use the phone to communicate guest requests.

How did the implementation phase of hotelkit go? Are you satisfied with customer support?

Philip: We are very pleased with hotelkit’s customer support. Due to the time difference with the hotelkit headquarters in Austria, we initially communicated a lot via email. At a later point, online trainings were held in the mother tongue of our employees, which facilitated the implementation enormously. Everyone participated and questions were answered on the spot. This was extremely effective.

Furthermore, the many Chinese tutorial videos in hotelkit are a valuable resource for reviewing all functions & features at a later point. The keyword search function enables everyone to find specific tutorials. To onboard new employees, we use videos that provide simple explanations of the hotelkit functions. This is very helpful.

What are the employees’ opinions about hotelkit?

May: A hotelkit function that our employees deem very useful is the option to monitor room statuses via the smartphone at any time. This saves the hassle of making multiple phone calls. They can see the current room status on their mobile and determine what the best time for services or repairs is.

Would you recommend hotelkit?

Philip: Of course, we recommend hotelkit without any reservations.

hotelkit has transformed our traditional work approach by digitalizing our work processes and, at the same time, increased our productivity levels. Our day-to-day work is now measurable and displayed in exact numbers, allowing for better planing and control.

Philip Peng Director of Operations at Radisson Chongqing South Hot Spring

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