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Radisson Hotels in the Baltics – hotelkit enables quality management across all hotels

hotelkit is now part of the day-to-day operations in the Radisson hotels in the Baltics and ever since its implementation, it has enabled standardization, optimized collaboration and work processes within the hotels. Regional Director Claude Bulté talks to us about the many advantages that a digital collaboration platform offers hotel chains.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the hospitality industry upside down. Before the pandemic, emails and phone calls were the typical means of communication within the Radisson Hotel Group. In terms of internal team cooperation, hotelkit has opened a new and digital chapter within the hotel group. Claude Bulté, Regional Director of the Radisson Hotels in the Baltics, tells us how the digital communication platform serves as a centralized knowledge base and an idea pool and how effective and transparent communication has strengthened the team spirit.

One centralized platform with all SOPs

How does hotelkit assist the Radisson Hotel Group in ensuring standardization and optimization in the hotels in the Baltic region?

Within the Radisson Hotel Group, hotelkit serves as a centralized depot that contains all our SOPs and can be accessed by all our hotels. Our Central Support Offices in Brussels and Madrid make the company standards available to us in hotelkit in the form of digital handbook articles. These standards are subsequently adapted to the legislations of the respective countries. This means that we at the Area Support but also the individual hotels adapt these SOPs according to our requirements. In an international hotel chain there are, of course, thousands upon thousands of documents that are regularly subject to change. Due to the transparency that hotelkit provides, it’s very easy for us to spot any additions and/or changes to the SOPs: Documents can be compared to their previous versions, the changes are highlighted and therefore immediately recognizable. This allows everyone to be in the know right away, and it’s not necessary to read through the entire document again.

hotelkit assists our employees with all processes of their daily work routine and enables everyone to share ideas. Moreover, we at the Area Support use it to implement optimized work processes and ensure quality management.

Claude Bulte
Claude Bulté Regional Director, Radisson Hotel Group Baltics & Spain

Whenever the Area Support members visit one of our hotels, we create a task afterwards, where we communicate all the areas where we see room for improvement. What we particularly like about hotelkit is that we can share images and videos, define clear deadlines for tasks and can track the work in progress remotely, from the Central Support office: This creates transparency for everyone involved.

I am very happy about our cooperation with hotelkit. What I particularly like about this digital collaboration platform is that it can be adjusted to the individual requirements of each hotel. The platform does not only optimize the internal hotel processes, but it also increases employee satisfaction as it ensures effective and transparent communication.

Claude Bulte
Claude Bulté Regional Director, Radisson Hotel Group Baltics & Spain

hotelkit promotes innovation and integration

How does hotelkit support the teams in the individual hotels when it comes to further development and the implementation of ideas?

hotelkit is an innovation platform. All the ideas that arise in our hotels can be discussed within hotelkit and shared with the entire hotel group.

As a hotelier of the Radisson Group, you don’t need to go looking for inspiration as ideas for improvement can easily be found: You only need to look inside your hotelkit.

Claude Bulte
Claude Bulté Regional Director, Radisson Hotel Group Baltics & Spain

hotelkit is a great tool for teams within an international hotel chain like Radisson. Our employees come from different parts of the world and language barriers can sometimes be a hindrance in the daily work routine. hotelkit allows us to depict information clearly with images and videos. For example, I can clearly communicate to my housekeeping team how a light bulb needs to be replaced. This way, the language barrier loses its importance, the cooperation within the team is improved and the hotel internal processes are optimized.

All GMs of the Baltic Region in one Group

How do you use hotelkit to communicate with the General Managers in the Baltic region?

To communicate with our General Managers (GMs) and the hotel teams, we primarily use digital handovers within hotelkit. In hotelkit, we, for example, have a specific group for the General Managers of the Radisson Hotels in the Baltics. So, whenever I want to send a message to all GMs, I only need to choose this group and add it as a recipient to my entry.

What do you consider the biggest advantage of working with hotelkit?

hotelkit is a fantastic data base that contains all the information that is needed in the daily work routine. This information is also easy and quick to access. Another big advantage of the digital communication platform is its unrestricted availability. No matter where I am at, what time it is or whether I am using my PC, smartphone or tablet: hotelkit is available from anywhere.

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