Revenue growth through the Hotel MSSNGR interface: Interview with General Manager Anton Birnbaum

Effective communication is of paramount importance in the hospitality industry. A cutting-edge solution, enhancing guest communication and internal management, is the integration of Hotel MSSNGR and hotelkit. In our exclusive interview with Anton Birnbaum, the General Manager of the luxurious Alpin Resort Sacher in Austria, we take a look at how this integration works and explore the benefits it offers to hoteliers.

Why did you opt for hotelkit and Hotel MSSNGR?

We’ve been using hotelkit for internal communication purposes for several years now. In 2023, we added Hotel MSSNGR for guest communication. MSSNGR enables us to keep guests updated on current offers and guests can, for example, book a spa appointment or even order a drink via the app. But it would be inefficient if the guest would place an order via the MSSNGR App and then an email is forwarded to the front desk. That’s why I came up with the idea of integrating hotelkit. This makes perfect sense because it increases revenue and saves time.

How does the interface work?

The interface between Hotel MSSNGR and hotelkit works as follows: When a guest orders a Campari Spritz via the MSSNGR app, the waiter is immediately notified via hotelkit. If the waiter is not available, the order is automatically forwarded to the restaurant manager. If necessary, the system then escalates the message to me as the General Manager. The escalation time can be configured in hotelkit and varies depending on the urgency of the request.

Why is it crucial that these two systems are interconnected?

It makes perfect sense to connect the MSSNGR App and hotelkit via an interface. This significantly improves the response time for guest requests. Moreover, it leads to a boost in revenue. Picture a waiter who doesn’t have to constantly run back and forth between the pool and the bar to take and serve orders while guests are waiting for their drinks. This would not only be inefficient, but also costly, as it would require many employees to provide this service. The manager of a large establishment with over 90 percent occupancy even told me they don’t offer pool service because it’s logistically impossible to employ enough employees to cover the long distances. The interface between Hotel MSSNGR and hotelkit, however, changes all this. 

The integration not only eliminates a lot of back and forths but also streamlines the whole logistics process. I am strongly convinced that this fusion can substantially boost revenue. – Anton Birnbaum, GM Alpin Resort Sacher

The integration not only eliminates a lot of back and forths but also streamlines the whole logistics process. I am strongly convinced that this fusion can substantially boost revenue.

Anton Birnbaum GM Alpin Resort Sacher

How simple is setting up Hotel MSSNGR?

The MSSNGR App’s structure is dynamic, meaning that we were able to co-develop the content with the MSSNGR team. It’s important to carefully consider when an escalation is necessary. For example, if the drink hasn’t been served after 5 minutes, the restaurant manager should be informed about this. If the order still isn’t completed within 7 minutes, management should also be notified to avoid possible complaints. 

The default recipients are set according to the request, e.g. waiters for drinks, Front Office for excursion bookings or Housekeeping for an extra pillow.

How does Hotel MSSNGR work for guests?

Along with the reservation confirmation, the guest receives access to the MSSNGR app and can, for example, book excursions ahead of his/her arrival. Upon check-in, we strongly advise all guests to download the app. It’s necessary as we no longer have room service menus, but only a QR code to scan. In my opinion, connecting hotelkit and Hotel MSSNGR, thus an intranet and a hotel app, is especially beneficial in resorts. 

Word of Advice to Fellow General Managers

My advice to other General Managers: If you are using both hotelkit and Hotel MSSNGR, but do not yet have an interface between the two, implement it quickly! It’s not expensive, it can make your life much easier and above all increases revenues!  

Conclusion: The integration of Hotel MSSNGR and hotelkit not only offers seamless communication between guests and staff but also optimizes operational processes and increases revenues. It’s, therefore, crucial for hoteliers to explore the possibilities of this integration and to take guest communication to the next level.

About the Hotel MSSNGR & hotelkit interface


  • The guests send their requests or messages via Hotel MSSNGR; these are directly forwarded to hotelkit. 
  • The hotel can determine recipients, either individuals or hotelkit groups. 
  • Recipients can discuss and forward messages to others via the @ function in the comments. 
  • Notifications contain buttons to directly determine the request status in hotelkit. 
  • The status is transmitted back to HOTEL MSSNGR — allowing all tasks to be managed in one system. 


  • Guest requests from Hotel MSSNGR that require the hotel staff’s attention are directly sent to the responsible employees in hotelkit. 
  • As a result, guests receive a quick response to their requests. 
  • Guests can easily make any requests such as spa bookings or room service.

About Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld 

The Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld – Austria, is a luxury hotel with a total of 81 rooms, located in the midst of the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Seefeld region on Tyrol’s high plateau. Under the management of Elisabeth Gürtler and General Manager Anton Birnbaum, the team provides heartfelt hospitality and genuine service in a pleasant atmosphere. The hotel has been working with hotelkit since 2021. In 2023, they implemented an interface with Hotel MSSNGR to enhance guest communication. 

About Hotel MSSNGR

Hotel MSSNGR is the state-of-the-art provider of innovative on-site guest communication and upselling for luxury resort hotels worldwide. 

Since its inception in 2011, Hotel MSSNGR has been at the vanguard of the industry, crafting guest communication solutions in partnership with world-leading hoteliers. Their solutions enable clients to engage with their guests in the most personalized and revenue-boosting ways possible, markedly enhancing their operational efficiency. 

Clients of Hotel MSSNGR impress their guests with eight different, excitingly designed communication channels. The Single-Entry Data Management Hub consolidates all guest information, relieving hotel staff’s workload by up to 90% daily. The system’s capacity for direct engagement with guests, coupled with instant booking capabilities and comprehensive management of all services available on-site, notably amplifies revenue. Advanced algorithms provide profound insights into guest behavior during their stay. 

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