Success Story

Simple communication & repair management via hotelkit

The management team at this hotel wanted to find a system which would improve internal communication and simplify the repair management process. hotelkit has enabled them to address these issues and has also proven to be a great way to inspire members of staff to contribute their own ideas.

Client Information & Challenges

The Ramada Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located very close to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. This explains why this 4-star hotel with its 222 rooms is especially popular with business travellers. Large numbers of tourists on city breaks also stay at the hotel. The hotel provides a free shuttle bus to the airport and features a swimming pool, restaurant and extensive conference facilities.

The fact that it is so easy to record repair jobs in hotelkit enables us to complete them as quickly as possible – this alleviates the pressure on the whole team considerably.

Zorica Momcicevic Rooms Operations Manager

The hotel’s requirements and its particular challenges were similar to those hotels of this size and nature. The first priority was to simplify communication between individual members of staff to ensure that information didn’t continue getting lost. The management team also wanted to find a solution that would ensure that repairs were managed and documented more efficiently.

Implementation & Trial Phase

The 30-day hotelkit trial phase began at no cost to the client and ran from the end of April until the end of May 2018. This meant that the team could hit the ground running when hotelkit was implemented directly after the trial phase. The majority of the team was involved right from the start. 56 users were registered on the system during the test phase and there are currently 69 users now.

Right from the start, the high number of users was reflected in the amount of tasks created on the hotelkit system: 1,100 tasks were recorded in the first 30 days alone which equated to 37 per day. This made it possible to make the very best use of the various repair jobs, appointments, handovers, checklists and ideas during the test phase. In addition, an essential amount of handbook articles were created.


The intensive use of the system that started during the trial phase still continues on today. Handovers proved to be the most important area, followed by repairs and recurring activities, such as tasks, calendar entries and checklists.

1,300 handovers have been generated so far which equates to 180 per month or 6 per day. It is interesting to observe how eager the whole team is to give their personal input. Members of staff have engaged in lively discussions relating to handovers, news and ideas. In addition to enabling information to be handed over in a structured way, hotelkit therefore also enables individuals to participate in innovative activities. For example, the ideas tool also gives each employee the opportunity to submit suggestions for improvements.

Using hotelkit ensures that we do not lose important information anymore and it enables us to work efficiently with each other in the most cutting-edge way.

Tomasz Chojecki Facility Manager

The hotel works with a total of 19 recurring interval tasks. Approximately 200 checklists have been created so far. 13 of them repetitive and the others are used for other projects such as checklists morning and night shifts.

Five repair jobs are currently generated every day on average. 79% of these jobs are recorded as completed within one day and 48% of them are actually recorded as completed within two hours. 1.5 new appointments are arranged on average every day. There are three calendars in total which are used to organise all general appointments. The hotel intelligence handbook is also steadily filling up. Important information, such as for example company brand standards, was entered during the trial phase and now there are a total of 145 articles. 20 new articles are created every month. hotelkit is therefore enabling the team to gradually compile a knowledge base which new employees can quickly refer to.

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