hotelkit Housekeeping

The Housekeeping App for Efficient Cleaning Processes

The Housekeeping App that makes time-saving planning, optimization and inspection of all workflows regarding hotel room cleanings possible. Seamlessly integrated into your PMS

Advantages of the hotelkit Housekeeping App 

Paperless Room Assignments

Digital Checklists

Seamless PMS Integration

Overview of Work Progress

Over 2,800 satisfied clients 

Our Housekeeping App facilitates the daily work routine of housekeeping teams in hotels all over the world. 

Functions of hotelkit Housekeeping App

The Housekeeping App enables time-efficient and flexible assignment of rooms to the team per drag & drop.

The dashboard provides a compact overview on the status of the room cleaning and updates it in real time.

hotelkit Housekeeping offers an interface to the PMS of the hotel and seamlessly transfers all data related to room cleanings onto it.

Digital checklists transparently depict the cleaning processes and ensure that the tasks at hand are carried out thoroughly.

Standard processes of the housekeeping department can be documented in the digital handbook in the Housekeeping app.

In case a room needs to be ready quicker than originally thought, the cleaning process for the respective room can easily be prioritized in the Housekeeping app.

Concise statistics make it possible to measure productivity and give insight into how personnel resources can be used best.

hotelkit Checklist
hotelkit Glitch

PMS Interfaces

hotelkit Housekeeping currently offers full integration with the Property Management Systems apaleo, protel, Oracle Hospitality Opera and SIHOT. An interface with Mews is in the pipeline and about to be released soon. For operations so smooth, you won’t even know you’re working.

Who benefits from hotelkit Housekeeping

Executive Housekeeping

The executive housekeeper and the housekeeper in charge are able to assign rooms and inspections respectively to the housekeeping staff, based on time resources and qualifications. Automatic reporting ensures thorough and clear work processes.

Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping staff can rely on checklists to work neatly and efficiently. Recurring tasks make everyday jobs easier and ensure that non-daily tasks such as washing the curtains or deep cleaning are never forgotten.

Front Office

The current room status is reported directly to the Property Management System, so the reception team is always up to speed and can complete the check-in for the next guest the second your housekeeping team finishes a room.


Housekeeping teams have the use of a traceable, direct line to maintenance teams to inform them about necessary repairs. At the touch of a button, maintenance can let everyone know that the repair is done.

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