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Taking Service Optimization to the Next Level

hotelkit is the only organization tool for your business you will ever need. Make handovers smoother, communication simpler, and guests happier. With hotelkit, streamlined processes are just the beginning.

Traceable communication to make your life less complicated

hotelkit can organize almost anything for you. Just write it down. Anything and everything you talk about via hotelkit will always be there for everyone who needs to read it again. Or a fifth time.

Keeping handover information at people’s fingertips with hotelkit’s Handovers tool ensures nothing important is ever lost again. See if a reply has been read, add attachments, set time frames, directly @ users in a conversation or simply observe the thread.

Shift Handovers Internal Messages

Good news. Bad news, too. Even old news. Maybe not fake news. Collect it all on the digital bulletin board in hotelkit’s News tool. Use it to introduce a new staff member, keep everyone updated on regulations, or to brag about the front office team’s latest karate trophy.

Memos New Standards

For those juicy pieces of news you want everyone to see immediately, we’ve created the Announcements tool. Anything you post here, such as news about team events or phenomenal successes, will appear right at the top of your users’ dashboards.

Alerts Updates Bulletin Board

Like Facebook, but hopefully less cat content. Similar to the social platforms you know and love, hotelkit Moments lets you connect with colleagues and share special moments with your work family.

Social Network for Hotel Teams

hotelkit Handover
hotelkit News
hotelkit Announcement

More time for the important stuff

hotelkit revolutionizes the way you and your team operate. The days of time-consuming organization and frustrating communication are over. Focus on what’s important: your hotel.

Bringing out your team’s full potential has never been easier. By using the hotelkit Ideas tool, employees can submit their own great suggestions anytime and anywhere they pop into their heads. Make sure those brilliant brain waves are never lost again.

Brainstorming Discussions Innovations

Keeping track of a million different dates and deadlines that change frequently is a sure way to drive any team mad. Our Calendar tool is as self-explanatory as it is ingenious. Invitations, postponements, and memos. People, locations and tasks. All in one place.

Appointments Holidays Shifts

The Polls tool provides a straightforward way to gather your team’s opinions. Planning a staff meeting, introducing the new handover routine or wondering whether to introduce karate training for the front office team? Have them take a survey!

Surveys Date Searches

hotelkit Idea
hotelkit Calendar
hotelkit Idea

Deliver smart, impressive guest services

We know that guest services are your holy grail. hotelkit is here to help you stay on top of everything on the guest services spectrum, from handling friendly guest requests to maybe not so friendly guest complaints.

With hotelkit’s Tasks tool you don’t have to be the boss to delegate jobs like a boss. Directly send tasks to the right employees and monitor their progress. Control daily routines and processes and ensure top quality and efficiency in everything you do.

To Do’s Recurring Tasks Group Tasks

Save the planet and your sanity with hotelkit’s Checklists tool. This multifunctional tool puts an end to paper waste while making it nearly impossible to lose track of tasks and communications.

Shift Checklists Onboarding Checklists

Add repair orders in two simple steps, complete with pictures, so your team doesn’t accidentally fix what ain’t broke. The Repairs tool suggests a repair order receiver, allows you to set deadlines and assists in using currently available resources efficiently.

Analysis & Statistics Escalations

Keep track of your guests’ special requests by making sure the requests end up with the right team members and are resolved quickly in the Guest Requests tool. Your reward? Happy guests and statistical analyses! Nice.

Service Delivery Analysis & Statistics

When complaints occur, you don’t want to waste time. Easily document the location and nature of any problem with the Glitch tool, assign the right people to deal with it and follow up on the resolution process until everyone is satisfied and the task can be set to complete.

Complaint Handling

When it comes to repetitive tasks such as inspections, don’t just rely on lists and hope for the best. Whether it’s complex HACCP protocols or simple maintenance intervals, be the digital master of it all with hotelkit’s Inspections tool.

HACCP Protocols Checks

The smart Walkthroughs tool helps you keep track of routine security and maintenance rounds. Location-based tracking makes sure that certain locations have been visited. Create multiple walkthroughs and collect records for reporting purposes.

MOD Walks Security Walks Night Walkthroughs

hotelkit Repair
hotelkit Guest Request
hotelkit Glitch
hotelkit Inspection
hotelkit walkthrough

Just look it up

Nobody can be expected to remember every single detail of the many processes that form the backbone of any successful hotel operation. Create a centralized, comprehensible, easily updatable library of information for your team, present, and future.

At hotelkit, we’re not just great at making bad puns, we’ve also perfected the art of creating “internal Wikipedias” for hotels. The Handbook tool lets you assemble your own collection of SOPs, tutorials, articles, photos, videos and so much more.

SOPs Quality Standards Manuals Video Tutorials

hotelkit handbook

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