hotelkit Collaboration

Collaboration and Communication in Hotels made easy

Digital checklists for daily to-dos, such as security walkthroughs; transparent shift handovers for the daily shift change; a digital handbook that serves as a knowledge base; simple processing of repairs and guest requests


Advantages of hotelkit Collaboration 

hotelkit Collaboration

Simple collaboration

hotelkit Tools Polls

Knowledge management

hotelkit Tools Checklists

Repair management

Room Assignment

Transparent communication

Used by over 3.100 satisfied clients 

hotelkit Collaboration optimizes the communication in hotels all over the world. 

Functions of hotelkit Collaboration

Communication in hotel

With the hotelkit Handover tool, digital shift handovers with all the relevant information can be created time-efficiently and transmitted to all employees.

Shift Handovers Internal Messages

The News tool replaces the traditional bulletin board where the employees can find out about all the latest news in the hotel.

Memos New Standards

The Announcement tool ensures that important news, such as changes to hygiene measures, stand out and appear at the top of the employees dashboard.

Alerts Updates Bulletin Board

The Moments tool enables social communication within the hotel. Here employees can share special happenings that occur during or away from their work in the hotel in form of photos and videos. .

Social Network for Hotel Teams

hotelkit Handover
hotelkit News
hotelkit Announcement

Team Collaboration

The Ideas tool offers all employees the possibility to note down ideas on how to improve the day-to-day work and to discuss them with the whole team.

Brainstorming Discussions Innovations

The Calendar tool makes it possible for hotel employees to efficiently plan their daily work routine and offers a compact overview of the holidays, working hours and appointments of all colleagues.

Appointments Holidays Shifts

With the poll tool, the opinions of the entire team on all kinds of topics can be determined quickly. This way all employees are involved in the decision-making process

Surveys Date Searches

hotelkit Idea
hotelkit Calendar
hotelkit Idea


With the Task tool you can send tasks directly to employees and track their work progress. This guarantees overview and quality.

To Do’s Recurring Tasks Group Tasks

Digital checklists make it possible to work through daily work routines, such as security walkthroughs, morning shifts at the reception, HACCP and much more, in a structured manner.

Shift Checklists Onboarding Checklists

The process of reporting damages is simplified with the Repairs tool as it suggests suitable technicians and transparently documents damages, even more so with the option to attach photos directly to the repair order.

Analysis & Statistics Escalations

Communicating Guest Requests within the hotel becomes easy with the hotelkit Guest Request tool as the requests can be directly transmitted to the responsible recipients and assigned a binding deadline.

Service Delivery Analysis & Statistics

Makes it possible to quickly respond to complaints: Location and problem type can be documented, the responsible recipients selected and the resolution of the issue started and tracked.

Complaint Handling

The Inspections tool facilitates the regular assessment of critical control points, such as lighting and cooling systems or emergency exits, and enables the automated communication of detected defects to the maintenance team.

HACCP Protocols Checks

Combined with NFC tags, the Walkthrough tool guarantees the proper carrying out of security and maintenance walkthroughs in the hotel.

MOD Walks Security Walks Night Walkthroughs

hotelkit Repair
hotelkit Guest Request
hotelkit Glitch
hotelkit Inspection
hotelkit walkthrough

Knowledge management

hotelkit offers a digital handbook where all relevant information for the daily work ranging from SOPs to instructions and tutorials are stored and accessible to all.

SOPs Quality Standards Manuals Video Tutorials

hotelkit handbook

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    Who benefits from hotelkit

    Hotel Management 

    hotelkit Collaboration enables hotel managers to get a compact overview on the progress of all work procedures in their business. Moreover, communication between management and hotel teams occurs on one centralized platform which can be accessed from no matter where via PC, tablet or smartphone. 

    Front Office teams 

    With hotelkit Collaboration the daily shift handover is documented transparently in digital form. The tasks of the day can be depicted in digital checklists, important knowledge about standard operating procedures is available in a digital handbook. The departments are connected via one digital platform and can rapidly transmit guest requests to front office. 

    Maintenance Teams 

    Maintenance teams can find all repair orders in hotelkit Collaboration and quickly determine which damages need to be fixed urgently and which ones have lower priority. In the digital handbook, the maintenance team can store articles on all the important data regarding the different appliances and equipment in the hotel. This facilitates repair and maintenance works. 

    Service and Kitchen 

    Hygiene standards for the restaurant can be documented quickly and therefore implemented efficiently with hotelkit Collaboration. Checklists and NFC tags ensure a thorough assessment of cooling systems in the kitchen. Furthermore, hotelkit Collaboration can be used to come up, work on and store new recipes. 

    hotelkit Housekeeping

    Efficient, user-friendly organizational gadgets in the palm of your hand. Interface seamlessly with your PMS and receive room status updates in real time.

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