Improve your Quality Management

Quality is essential in your hotel, but can be extremely time consuming? A considerable amount of organizing is required before any of the actual work gets done. Digital tools simplify all routine processes and improve quality.

Digital Tools, Top Quality

Use case - Quality Management

Digital tools ensure high quality

Whether it is inspection rounds, the implementation of HACCP processes or compliance with standardized procedures. The paperless app makes processes run seamlessly and enables you to document everything in one place. Best of all: It’s better for the planet. Mother Nature will thank you!

hotelkit Tools Handbook

A digital brain

Your favorite encyclopedia, a highly personalized search engine, the Yellow Pages 2.0 – call it what you want, the hotelkit manual is all those things and more. Thanks to the Handbook, onboarding new employees or keeping track of infrequent or non-routine tasks is a breeze. You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where to read up on it.

Once at night, a door couldn’t be opened anymore and the employees were able to solve the problem by themselves, just by reading the process in the handbook.

Eva Buritscher General Manager | Der Wilhelmshof

The Mandala Hotel Berlin works with



to organize and simplify their processes.

hotelkit Tools Checklists

Inspect & check!

Almost everyone loves a good to-do list. Those who don’t yet will definitely learn to when using hotelkit’s Checklists and Inspections tools! Easily meet all necessary standards and keep errors to a minimum. Even very precise jobs or group tasks can be completed thoroughly and consistently.

These hotels have already mastered their Quality Management with hotelkit.

Tools for Quality Management

Thanks to hotelkit’s tools you are finally able to focus only on the essential: Getting the task itself done!

Quality Management in hotels

Generally speaking, quality management in hotels comprises all measures that serve to plan, control, monitor and improve the quality of service, products, processes or performance. These may be standards that need to be met by law (e.g. hygiene regulations, HACCP standards), but also those that you yourself have set.
Be it food, accommodation, or leisure activities – every guest deserves to have a special and pleasant experience, particularly when they’re on holidays. Continuously improving the quality of the stay and complying with legal standards are important factors that determine your success in the market.

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