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How can your hotel strive on the market? Reasonable prices, top-notch facilities, great food? The only real decisive factor is the satisfaction of the guest. And the only way to make guests truly happy is excellent service. Your guests’ wish is your digital tools’ command.

Less fussing, more hosting

Use case - Service Delivery

Great service with digital tools

Today’s guests are arguably more demanding than ever. From special preferences to allergies or particular requests, you want to take it all into account. Handle all background coordination digitally, have more time for the actual service.

hotelkit Tools Glitch

Lesson learned!

Mistakes happen. But if the same mistakes keep happening, it’s time to take action. Smart complaint management will help you learn from a mistake and make sure not to repeat it. With the hotelkit Glitch tool, you can collect feedback, assign tasks to the correct department, and standardize procedures for the future. Lesson learned! Guest happy!

Our guests expect extraordinary service, which we can definitely guarantee with hotelkit’s simplified digital processes.

Alessandro Sironi
Alessandro Sironi CEO | Filario Hotel & Residences

At the Intercontinental Vienna


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Guest requests

The cherry on top!

Life may not always be a bowl of cherries, but for your guests, it should be. Late check-out, a vegan breakfast or roses in their room? Those aren’t can dos. They’re must dos. And the hotelkit Guest Requests tool can help you get those roses up there ASAP!

These hotels have already mastered their Service Optimization with hotelkit.

Service Delivery Tools

Make your guests feel special. Listen to their wishes and take their feedback on board. The hotelkit tools are there to help.

Service Delivery at the hotel

Happy guest, happy hotel. Right? If only it were that simple. After all, every guest has different demands. Meeting your guests’ expectations and tailoring your services exactly to them is key. How can you achieve that? Take your service delivery to the next level and optimize your processes with digital tools.
Listening to the guest doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits you as well. This applies both to guest requests and feedback. Help your team to provide customer-oriented service, respond to your guests, establish and stick to standardized processes and work better together.

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