About us

hotelkit was born in 2012. Marius, our CEO, had just taken over the family hotel in Salzburg and was frustrated with the communication and collaboration – or lack thereof. He went on a mission to find a solution for his problem but came up empty. So, never one to say no to a challenge, Marius got three of his tech-savvy colleagues together in room 404 of his hotel (that room number still makes coding geeks laugh) and the four of them started thinking up the hotel communication software of their dreams.

Today, our founders are still going strong and so is the software they developed. hotelkit has reached 2,500 clients in more than 50 countries. Over 150,000 hotel employees are simplifying their operations with the help of our software. The feedback we receive is incredible – we truly change the way hotel teams collaborate.

The Teams

We revolutionize the way hotels work. Find out more about the people behind hotelkit.

IT & Developers

hotelkit’s IT department has pitched its tents of tech talent in beautiful Dresden. It seems that our developers and IT guys prefer the German city to the Austrian mountains. Their mission, plain and simple, is to concoct awesome solutions for hotels. Tinkering with new products and features keeps our IT crowd just as busy as the constant improvement of our code base and general IT admin tasks.

Sales & Operations

Our sales department is home to our big shot rainmakers. They are out and about most of the time, making it, you know, rain. But there’s so much more to this department than meets the eye. Our sales operations team is the brains of the organisation, sales development reps are fixing all the calls and meetings, and cross-selling selects clients with additional potential.

Customers & Success

The real heroes of a company’s success are its customers. At hotelkit, we firmly believe that ensuring our customer’s success and inviting clients to get involved in the product innovation process is the only way to go. Our customer success team works hard to improve our customers’ experience and to make their journey a successful one. They are the smile behind the voice.

Marketing & Events

Our marketing squad is a colorful bunch. But, as we all know, “opposites attract” and their differences might just be the secret to their success. We’ve got them all: Superstar organizers who somehow juggle hundreds of events a year plus their coffee mugs. Online marketing masterminds, always rolling, never stopping!

Product & Design

These savvy folks are the visionaries behind the tools. They dream big and they design even bigger. Their mission: simplifying hotel operations! With hotelkit, we have the power to change the way hotels work. Our product management team are the wise beacons of light guiding the rest of us from initial idea all the way to the launch of a new product and they are the ultimate link between our innovators and the developers.

Accounting & Numbers

Also at hotelkit, we‘ve got bills to pay and someone has to make sure we keep it all in the black and don’t spend more than we earn. Our lovely number-crunching accounting is always on top of that. And even though we don’t say it too often, we do love her dearly for it.

Humans & Resources

Our HR team are true people’s people. Every day, they work tirelessly to make sure we’re a company of happy faces. Of course they’re also in charge of adding new happy faces. Their mission is to establish the best team in the world and to take care of everyone’s wellbeing. From setting up a hotelkit library to finding the poor soul who got lost during the annual team trip to Oktoberfest – yes, they can.

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