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Smart housekeeping processes thanks to the interface between protel and hotelkit!

Pleased employees, happy guests and a housekeeping department where everything runs like clockwork. Sounds too good to be true? The interface between hotelkit and protel makes it possible. The protel PMS provides the room status and booking data and hotelkit serves as a central platform where all the information comes together.

“This takes so much time,” you think to yourself, while writing down the room allocations for your housekeeping team by hand. With considerable effort, you try to block out the thoughts of the many phone calls and the long walks through the hotel that are still awaiting you today. The checklists you’ve been ticking off by hand have been haunting you in your dreams for a while now, making you wake up late at night, drenched in sweat. Yes, your time is valuable and could certainly be invested more usefully. So why not connect your protel PMS with hotelkit Housekeeping? 

An incomplete information exchange decreases the productivity of your hotel 

When it comes to hotel guest data, it’s almost as though the PMS is the heart of your hotel. But what happens, if the heart cannot properly carry out its task of circulating fresh blood around the body? To say it mildly, it is suboptimal for one’s physical well-being. And regarding a smooth course of your hotel’s internal processes, it is advantageous, if the important information from your PMS is transferred quickly and efficiently to the right place. Moreover, the interface between hotelkit and protel makes it incredibly easy to overcome the information barrier between the front office and your housekeeping team. Find out how in detail here: 

It is first and foremost good communication that puts thoughts and ideas into practice. While protel takes care of the cross-system information exchange, hotelkit makes sure that the interpersonal communication is ensured. If both solutions are combined and used together, they make for an enjoyable guest experience.

Wilco de Weerd Director Partnerships

hotelkit and protel: a perfect symbiosis 

All the important hotel guest and booking data from the protel PMS such as details to preferences, date of arrival and departure, information concerning check-in and check-out, and much more are automatically transferred to hotekit Housekeeping. According to this information and taking into account the time resources of your employees, you can create room allocations for the housekeeping team in only a couple of clicks, not only for the same day but also ahead of time. Moreover, you can prioritize the cleaning tasks which guarantees that everything is taken care of in time. 

This results in an optimal use of all available resources and is noticeably time saving. Unnecessary phone calls and long search operations are now history because the needed data reaches your employees in only a matter of seconds on their smartphone via the interface in their hotelkit app. As soon as the room cleaning is confirmed in hotelkit Housekeeping, the changed room status also becomes visible in the PMS. This way the reception is always in the loop regarding the current status. Trees will also be glad about the symbiosis of hotelkit and protel because writing checklists on paper is no longer necessary. From now on, your employees can transparently see in digital form, what needs to be done during the room cleaning. 

Did this waken your interest? 

You no longer want to wait to make the daily work of you and your housekeeping team easier? Simply contact us here to find out more about hotelkit Housekeeping and the interface protel. 

About protel  

Currently, 14.000 hotels worldwide are working with protel. Protel solutions form a robust technology stack for all hotel business types, with a worldwide team of local partners to support it. The ground-breaking app store, accessible directly via the protel PMS, has rapidly changed the way hotels and their technology vendors do business. 

Do you also want your housekeeping team to benefit from the intelligent interface between hotelkit and protel?

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