Mews and hotelkit: A topnotch digital interface

The interface between hotelkit and Mews digitalizes and simplifies the work processes in your housekeeping department. Important information from the PMS is available to all housekeeping employees on one centralized platform. And with the new interface, receptionists are also always up-to-date and informed about the cleaning progress of the rooms.

Challenges from the past

Many Housekeeping employees know this problem only too well: The room cleanings are already in progress but due to the illegible handwriting on the note, it is not clear which room should be cleaned next. Moreover, these notes often miss crucial information, for example special guest requests that should be considered when cleaning the room. The receptionists are also very aware of this problem: For example, if an additional pillow needs to be brought up to a room. They then pick up the phone to inform the housekeeper, but as every so often, they cannot reach anyone. And whether they like it or not, they need to leave the front desk to communicate this request face to face to the housekeeper.

Challenges like these keep both the housekeeping team as well as the receptionists from doing the work they should be doing. In these cases, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a digital solution at your disposition that would simplify all this? A centralized platform that provides the entire housekeeping team with all important information in one app and which receives the latest data from the PMS in real time and transfers it back.

Digital Solution

The interface between hotelkit Housekeeping and Mews offers an efficient digital solution for housekeeping processes and leaves all previously encountered challenges in the past. In hotelkit Housekeeping, the housekeeping staff can find all relevant information for their daily work routine compactly and concisely in one app on their work mobile. Digital checklists facilitate the room cleaning process and prevent the cleaning crew from forgetting important to-dos. And as if this wasn’t splendid enough already, the interface between hotelkit Housekeeping and the Mews PMS also improves collaboration between Housekeeping and Front Office considerably: All data regarding room reservations is transmitted automatically via the integration and therefore also visible in hotelkit Housekeeping. This way, the housekeeping team is quickly informed, for example when a room needs to be ready earlier than anticipated. Moreover, the receptionists can track the cleaning progress of the respective room in the PMS and therefore always know whether a room is already available for check-in. Handwritten to do lists and long walks through the hotel are now a thing of the past for hotel teams.

Advantages of the interface between Mews & hotelkit:

  • Digitalization of housekeeping workflows
  • Update of cleaning process in real time
  • Optimized workflows ensure higher efficiency
  • 2-way interface for seamless data transfers
  • Consistently high cleaning standards ensure high guest satisfaction

About Mews

Mews is a leading provider of cloud-based hotel management systems. The company was founded by Matthijs Welle and its headquarters are in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Mews offers several tools and solutions that support hoteliers in optimizing their businesses and improving service to the guest. The company is active in over 60 countries and works with a multitude of hotels and hotel chains. Mews is known for its innovative technology and continuous commitment to improve work processes in the hospitality industry.

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