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“More time to take care of our guests” thanks to Quicktext’s chatbot via hotelkit

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply anticipate your guests wishes? Although, this is not yet possible, the interface between Quicktext and hotelkit already makes it very easy to respond to client requests. Karin Øhlenschlæger Snitgaard, web content manager at Hotel Interlaken, explains the advantages of the integration in this interview.

How did the implementation phase of the Quicktext interface go?

We were awaiting this interface full of suspense. It took a little while until it was fully operational, but we felt well-looked after by hotelkit and Quicktext. In the end, the waiting process paid off, and since the implementation of the interface, we have been working smoothly with it every day.

Regarding the domain guest service, what added valued did this integration bring?

I personally consider hotelkit as our cockpit at the reception. This is where the communication takes place and where our employees get a general overview. It also ensures that no information is lost. This is also why the interface with Quicktext is of great importance to us. The employees can log into hotelkit in the morning and do not have to open another program in order to view the guest requests which are transmitted via a handover in hotelkit. So, regarding the digital guest communication, this integration brought us great added value. Also, the fact that the information is centralized in one place improves our workday enormously.

I consider hotelkit as our cockpit at the reception. This is where the communication takes place and where our employees get a general overview. It also ensures that no information is lost.

Karin Øhlenschlæger Snitgaard Web content manager, Hotel Interlaken

What are the biggest advantages the interface between Quickface and hotelkit offers?

Our employees do not only benefit from the clarity, they also appreciate the possibility to access the chat with our guests with every device and from anywhere via hotelkit. This flexible digital communication can also take place when working from home. In the past, the entire communication process took place via email and at the start many employees did not want this to change. Today, all team members are convinced of the added value that these digital tools bring to our daily work routine. And the guest benefits from receiving a quick response to his requests.

How does Quicktext assist you and how does the interface work exactly?

Via Quicktext we receive guest requests of all sorts. These are transmitted to us through the interface in form of a handover in hotelkit. The guest requests range from the question “How far is it to the train station?”, to the opening times of the restaurant up to room reservations. In hotelkit, we can define who receives these requests. Via the @-function it is also possible to forward the guest request to other colleagues. Quicktext truly is a great tool for the digital guest communication, and it is also able to learn. After a certain amount of time, the chatbot takes over a lot of the replies.

How do the guests perceive communicating with a chatbot? How well can artificial intelligence really replace an employee?

Our guests receive answers to their questions, so it does not really matter if they receive these answers from one of our team members or from a chatbot. We perceive this as a great help in the domain of digital guest communication and not as a replacement for human labour. Today, it is already very common that companies use smart technologies to communicate with their clients. In the past, we would have received a call or an email. Replying to these takes a lot of time and now we can invest this time on-site in the interaction with our guests. Should I not be satisfied with the answers of the chatbot or wanted to make some additions, I still have the possibility to deactivate it and carry out the task myself.

hotelkit is the very heart of our reception, our cockpit, that gives us an overview on all the important processes within the hotel. Through the interface with Quicktext, we can also view guest requests and use another system, without having to start it separately.

Karin Øhlenschlæger Snitgaard Web content manager, Hotel Interlaken

Effective communication with your guests and your team!

About Quicktext
Quicktext is an artificial intelligence powered chatbot used by hotels to communicate with their guests, for example to process bookings, guest requests and all kinds of proceedings. The automatic response by the chatbot enables a personal service at the highest level and guarantees that every guest request is answered quickly. This results in an efficient sales process as well as in important data for the CRM of a business.

About Hotel Interlaken
In the place where Hotel Interlaken is located today, travelers were taken care of as early as 1491, so even before the discovery of America. With pride Hotel Interlaken looks back at this long history of hospitality, without, however, losing sight of what they are proud of today. In recent years and under the management of the Beutler family, the hotel has been consistently renovated and modernized. Hotel Interlaken has been working with hotelkit since July 2019.

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