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New features for even more transparency and better documentation

At hotelkit, we pride ourselves in creating well-designed, easy to use tools. Our product team is constantly working on making them even more user-friendly. We are excited to introduce two new updates: Housekeeping statistics for efficient process optimization and an image and document attachment function for checklists to increase transparency.

hotelkit Housekeeping statistics

Hear ye, hear ye! News from the world of digital housekeeping. Our housekeeping tool — designed to simplify the organization of this complex department — has been expanded to include yet another helpful feature. Have you always wanted to know when your housekeeping team’s workload is at its highest, meaning the most staff members are on duty? Do you want to figure out how much time passes on average between checkout and cleaning? Are you curious to see how many rooms are assigned to your housekeeping team in a given time period, and whether they were checkout or stay rooms? Clear representations of data, such as charts in column, pie, or bar form, make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

If one or all of the above are true, we have excellent news for you! Now you can map many activities of your housekeeping team in statistics. This allows you to get an exact picture of what, when, where, and how hard your hotel’s housekeeping team is working, and to fine-tune your processes.

Housekeeping statistic help you to optimize your processes.
Statistics help you optimizing your processes in Housekeeping.

Adding images & documents to checklists

So, checklists are your thing. You just wish you could make the tasks even more transparent by uploading helpful attachments such as pictures? Now you can add files to individual items on your checklist to make them even clearer for your colleagues. And it doesn’t stop there. The person responsible for the task can add an attachment directly to a checklist item. This practical function lets you report and document any issues in the right place. But let us give you an example of a situation where this new feature could be useful:

Use case 1

Meet Norman. Norman works at Hotel X and has been tasked with cleaning the stockroom. So Norman gets started. At first, everything goes according to plan. Norman works down his to-do list and can already almost taste the coffee he will treat himself to once he’s done. But then something unexpected happens. He reaches one particular shelf that is in complete disarray. “Mon dieu!”, exclaims a frustrated Norman. Then he remembers the latest product update he read about recently on the hotelkit blog. Not wasting a second, Norman takes a picture of the offending shelf, and uploads it directly to the corresponding checklist item. Promptly, there is a clarification from the back office and Norman arranges the shelf in no time. Soon he is sharing a cup of hot coffee with colleagues and raving to them about the handy new hotelkit function.

Use case 2

Care for another example? Let’s see how Norman is getting on with his day. By now, evening has come and Norman has received the checklist for the standard inspection of certain areas in the hotel. He’s had a few more coffees since the morning and, with a spring in his step, begins his inspection of the first floor. Everything seems to be in order. The lights and fire alarms are working — that’s one tick on the checklist. Down to the basement Norman goes. But what’s that? A laundry cart is blocking the emergency exit. That is considered a safety hazard. Norman documents the situation with a photo and attaches it to the corresponding checklist item. By doing that, Norman makes sure that something like this will hopefully not happen again in the future. Crisis averted.

Now you can add pictures and other attachments to your checklist points.

We could go on. But why don’t you check out the new function for yourself? You can use it with every tool that gives you a checklist option. Easy as that. Enjoy your simplified workday! 

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