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Digital Communication in Housekeeping: Best Practices at InterContinental Vienna

Under the leadership of Sandra Hösl, Hotel Manager and former Director of Rooms at the prestigious hotel InterContinental Vienna, the implementation of hotelkit has significantly enhanced all work processes. With 458 rooms and a team of 210 dedicated employees, the hotel adheres to elevated communication and guest service norms.

The communication challenges between different departments, notably between front office, housekeeping and maintenance, have been successfully overcome with hotelkit. The intuitive user interface and efficient information distribution have significantly improved collaboration.

A typical instance in the daily work routine is, for example, the prompt handling of guest requests. Thanks to hotelkit, requests, such as an extra pillow, can be instantly recorded and carried out.

When a guest calls and asks for an extra pillow, we simply enter this request into hotelkit. The responsible cleaner receives this information directly onto his/her mobile phone, and within 5 minutes the pillow is delivered to the guest’s room.

Sandra Hösl Hotel Manager

Furthermore, Sandra Hösl greatly appreciates the extensive support that she and her team received from the hotelkit Customer Support Team during the implementation and beyond. Even when minor issues arose, they were promptly resolved.

I can no longer imagine working without hotelkit.

Sandra Hösl Hotel Manager

Digital Housekeeping Processes: 5 Use Cases

hotelkit played a decisive role when it came to streamlining the workflows of the housekeeping department at hotel InterContinental Vienna. Find below some of the key functions and applications that facilitate the day-to-day work of the housekeeping team:

  1. Digital Room Assignment

    The housekeeping app enables a time-efficient and flexible allocation of rooms to the team via drag & drop. This means that rooms can be quickly and easily assigned to staff members based on demand and available personal resources. This flexibility has significantly enhanced the efficiency of the housekeeping team.  

  2. Digital Checklists

    Digital checklists are a fundamental part of the cleaning processes. They provide a clear depiction of cleaning requirements and allow for thorough processing. This way, the housekeeping team can guarantee that no task is overlooked as all points of the checklist are crossed of conscientiously.

  3. Documentation of Processes and Statistics

    The housekeeping app enables the documentation of standard processes in a digital handbook. This simplifies the onboarding of new employees and ensures consistent work methods. Clear statistics make productivity measurable and assist in optimal staff resource allocation. This transparency is crucial to enhance efficiency.

  4. Documentation of Repairs

    The hotelkit repairs tool significantly simplifies the process of reporting damages. It suggests suitable technicians and enables the clear documentation of damages through image attachments.  The status of the repair order is always clear leading to quick processing of problems.

  5. Real-time communication with Front Office Team

    The integration of the hotelkit Collaboration tools provides a concise overview of the updated room cleaning status for the front office team. The real-time communication facilitates the cooperation between the departments significantly. Front office can immediately respond to any modifications and requests, which in turn leads to seamless guest service.

With hotelkit, the housekeeping team transforms into a highly efficient and well-coordinated unit within the hotel operation. Find out more in this video:


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