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8 book recommendations from the hotelkit team

We have collected eight books that have personally helped us to find our style and hone our skills. So if you're looking for a good read, stop searching and check out our recommendations.

Every summer, it’s the same. You’re about to get some quality time, usually on the beach (that may be different this year, though) and this sudden envy to swallow a book appears from nowhere. Whether online or on the bookshelves of your local library, there is this urge to buy one, two or even more books. You already envision this moment, when you’re back in the office and you can tell your colleagues about all those great books you’ve read and how much you’ve learned from them. Well, the summer is about to be over and there isn’t too much time left to find a good read.

Therefore, we – the hotelkit team – have collected eight books that have personally helped us to find our style and hone our skills. And they won’t put you to sleep (unless you’re running low on caffeine — in which case, it’s out of our hands). Here’s what’s on our bookshelf:

1 | Building a story brand

Whether you’re starting your own business or have an established company, whether you’re a marketing assistant or CEO, through his book, Miller helps you gain clarity in the message you deliver to your customers. Donald’s writing style is enjoyable to read, the message is clear to understand and easy to implement. Miller does a good job explaining the importance of the story behind the brand. I’ve used his hero’s journey model on many occasions while defining social media content. The only downside is the constant sale of his method and online courses. 

recommended by Norman
Content Marketing Manager

2 | mindset

In her book „mindset“ renowned researcher Carol Dweck elaborates on how people’s mindsets can either support or hinder progress. She explains how people who believe they can learn and improve generally achieve more than people who think everybody is born with certain abilities and talents. With an outline of the fixed versus the growth mindset and how they respond to criticism, challenges and success of others she displays the most significant differences. Furthermore, she shows how to shift the paradigm and change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset in order to unlock unused potential.

recommended by Sophie
Product Management Assistant

3 | Nice girls don’t get the corner office

Written by power lady Lois, who is a coach and trainer. For twenty-five years she ran a psychotherapy practice where she mainly treated working women. This book is the result of all that experience. Written for young women to find their own talents, master them and boost their careers. Described are the most common mistakes women make at work, but also suggestions for improvement are provided. Useful tips for discovering and optimizing your talents and how to work your way to the top. Advice from real-life experiences are divided into six themes: how to play the game; how to behave; think; how to market yourself; how to sound; look and to react.

recommended by Gillian
Sales Manager

4 | Blackout – Tomorrow will be too late

A disaster thriller book about a European power outage due to a cyberattack written on the basis of interviews with intelligence and security officials. What would happen if a blackout lasts longer than a few minutes one day? Even though we tend not to think about an extensive power outage and are used to the availability of electricity at all times, the inherent consequences could be severe. This realistic and captivating book outlines the order of events that could happen in a blackout. A very hard-headed story that gets you thinking about what would be and how you would react in such a peculiar situation.

recommended by Julia
Online Marketing Manager

5 | Podcast: After Hours

It has been described as a “the intersection of business and culture”, and I couldn’t agree more. In this podcast three Harvard professors discuss current events and more than just being informative about what’s going on around the world, they take a more analytic and thought-provoking approach. Each episode is around 30 to 40 minutes long and although they address different topics from an analytic point of view it is really easy to understand and enjoy. I would recommend this podcast if you enjoy staying up to date with current events but also taking a deeper look into what this means for our society. 

recommended by Catalina
Sales Management Representative

6 | The Big Five For Live

A story of one man and leadership’s greatest secret

A book about great leadership and a powerful reminder that successful leaders are not just in the business of business – they are in the business of life. First of all – this book is not just for leaders. I love it when authors manage to bring across an inspiring message in simple language with a great story around it. In my opinion, it is an inspiring management and also a self-finding book with the important message that the personal direction of your life has to fit with the activity (or activities) you do. This book will leave you with loads of valuable insights for a great approach to life.

recommended by Alina
Junior Customer Success Manager

7 | Digital Ethics

A value system for the 21st century

A very good book on this important topic, especially suitable for someone who has no or little prior knowledge about it. It was pleasant to read; informative contents were presented in a clear and understandable way. In my opinion, the description of her own career could have been shorter, but starting from the 3rd chapter, she gives great insights and pleads for a more humane value system, which should be the basis for the new technology. The author focuses on the social role of human beings and their behavioral imprints in our modern society.

recommended by Christina
Customer Success Manager

8 | The five dysfunctions of a team

There is nothing more rewarding than reaching an epic goal with a powerful team (hotelkids could tell you one or two things about it 😉 ). It’s a story about board members of a company struggling to be on the same page, resulting in gruesome outcomes for the company. Through their story, Patrick Lencioni, the author of this book, breaks down the five major unhealthy attributes in a team, calling them the 5 dysfunctions of a team. He highlights the advantage a company can get when it creates a teamwork environment, by gaining this skill, companies profit a serious competitive advantage over other organizations.

recommended by Agatha
Sales Manager

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