How to digitize your hotel in order to streamline daily operations

Maneuvering through the jungle of bureaucracy in times of the coronavirus is challenging. Nearly every move has to be documented. The new set of hygiene protocols and the documentation of measures can be overwhelming.

To give an example: a restaurant in Nordrhein-Westfalen opened up again recently. However, every time food or drinks are served to guests, the staff has to disinfect their hands prior and after and document this in their ‘’hygiene protocol logbook’’. The same applies for handing over a menu to guests. The menu needs to be cleaned before giving it to guests, and when receiving it back, it has to be cleaned again. This interaction also needs to be manually documented in their ‘’hygiene protocol logbook’’. How much faster and how much more sustainable would a digital logbook be in this case?

How hotelkit can help

The transition to digitizing your hotel or restaurant may sound like a lot of work and effort, but the opposite is true. All information like protocols, measures, explanations and recurring tasks only need to be inserted once. After this, it is just a matter of documenting your taken hygiene measures, with one simple click on your phone, tablet or desktop. Saving time and simplifying daily operations.

hotelkit Tools Handbook


Nobody can be expected to remember every single detail of the many processes that form the backbone of any successful hospitality operation. Especially not now, with so many new rules and regulations that have to be adhered to in terms of hygiene. 

Create a centralized, comprehensible, easily updatable library of information for your team, which they can access 24-7. The hotelkit Handbook tool lets you assemble your own collection of SOPs, tutorials, articles, photos, videos and so much more. No more doubts from your employees on how to do things the ‘new way’, they can simply look it up within seconds.

hotelkit Tools Tasks

Checklists & Tasks

hotelkit revolutionizes the way you and your team operate. In times of crisis, we cannot afford time-consuming tasks and miscommunication. Focus on what’s important: the hygiene in your hotel, restaurant or business. 

Save the planet and your sanity with hotelkit’s Checklists tool. This multifunctional tool makes it nearly impossible to lose track of tasks and communications. Set checklists on reoccurring tasks, for example, disinfecting public areas every hour, check sanitation stations and refill them when necessary, etc. Checklists can also be used as ‘’guest journey’’, with each new guest coming in, employees open a new checklist (from a pre-set template) and follow the hygiene steps accordingly. 

Then, hotelkit’s Tasks tool directly sends tasks to the right employees and monitors their progress. Control daily hygiene routines and processes and ensure top quality and efficiency while documenting takes only seconds.


Instead of using multiple channels for hygiene updates and new cleaning information via WhatsApp, post-its or email, hotelkit offers one place where all this information can be shared and found fast. Nothing important goes lost or unnoticed. Bring your employees up to date about a newly implemented measure or protocol, add a video or picture, and check who has opened your handover or who missed it.

Master your hygiene processes

Has hygiene also become the top priority and main focus for your business? Don’t waste any more of your time on paper logbooks and creating endless prints of new protocols. Instead, let us help you start up your personal hotelkit platform. We will provide you with pre-set-up checklists ready to use and ensure a smooth re-opening of your hotel. Try hotelkit 30 days for free and let us convince you of its many perks.

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