Success Story

Efficient repair management at the Don Gregory by Dunas

Like any hotel, the Don Gregory by Dunas wants its guests to relax and escape the mundane. But repair orders and guest requests were often lost internally or not properly documented. Thanks to hotelkit, this and several other areas have been completely reorganized and are now working smoothly.

In the Hotel Don Gregory efficient repair management is made possible by hotelkit.

Information about customer & challenges

The Hotel Don Gregory by Dunas is a 4-star holiday hotel in Maspalomas on Gran Canaria that offers its guests that little extra, such as an in-house spa and candlelight dinners. As a classic seasonal hotel with 241 rooms, the challenges were obvious. Due to the size of the hotel, information was often lost, especially regarding broken or damaged items, and documentation was confusing. The same applied to all areas of internal communication: The hotel wanted a system for passing on information, for example, tasks and guest requests, to allow management and staff to focus entirely on the hotel’s goal of providing their guests with an all-around stress-free, relaxing stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

hotelkit is a valuable tool for us, especially to improve communication and operational processes. We can use it to better allocate our time resources and reduce errors. Thanks to checklists that we integrate into our processes, repair management has also become a lot easier and more efficient … a great tool!

Management Hotel Don Gregory by Dunas

Implementation & test phase

The test phase ran from the beginning of July to the beginning of August 2018, after which the Don Gregory by Dunas became a hotelkit customer. Today, the tools are used by 29 employees. Hotel management has been thinking about and planning meticulously from the beginning. Tablets and smartphones were ordered for all employees in the spring before the start of the test phase, so that everyone had access to hotelkit at any time and could work with it properly during the shift. The internal hotelkit representative accompanied the process consistently and motivated colleagues to keep using the software. 

After the training sessions in June and July, the hotel went into a test phase. It quickly became clear which tool was the most popular: Repairs was used intensively, with over 600 tasks created within the first two weeks. The topic of repair documentation had already played the most important role during training. Almost all in-house technicians were also involved in these training sessions. The team was satisfied with hotelkit and gave extensive feedback that made one thing apparent: the Repairs tool is user-friendly and intuitive.


Repairs were and remain the most popular tool in the hotel. To date, a total of 5,862 repairs have been documented, corresponding to 1,500 per month and almost 50 per day. 74% of repairs can be carried out by the repairs team within just 2 hours.

Since the implementation of hotelkit the hotel registered more than 8,400 activities – that’s a total of 70 activities per day. The Guest Requests tool is the second most popular tool, followed by the Tasks tool. Equally indispensable for the new routine at the Don Gregory by Dunas are Handovers, the Handbook with articles that present valuable knowledge for all areas in a clear and easy to find manner, and Tasks set in a changing rotation from daily to monthly. In the Ideas tool, a wide variety of colleagues contribute their suggestions, the best of which are implemented. Incidentally, seasonally changing employees also benefit from hotelkit: They can quickly find their way into the new hotelkit structure and thus participate and work effectively from the start.

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