New Hygiene Standards – Useful articles

In order to find the way out of the crisis and towards normality in the hotel business, we offer you an overview of articles worth reading and informative contributions.

In this blog post, we will share useful articles from hospitality experts and trusted sources. These articles focus on the new normal in the hospitality industry; how can we implement the required hygiene standards into the new way of operating and earn trust from both employees and guests?

These articles have been of big importance during the preparations of the hotelkit Hygiene Webinar. We hope that by sharing them with you, we can help you with implementing new hygiene standards more easily, and the reopening of your hotel will run more smoothly.

Articles on advice, guidelines and measures

COVID-19 Resource: Global Hotel Cleaning Standards Being Introduced

This month, major brands announced Hotel Cleaning Standards focused on enhanced hotel cleaning practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. These initiatives seek to change hotel industry norms, behaviors and standards to ensure both hotel guests and employees are confident in the cleanliness and safety of hotels once travel resumes.

Schmitz Marketing
Concepts for reopening: this way, hotels and restaurants can open again soon

Much is very uncertain for restaurateurs and hoteliers these days. However, a look at Austria gives hope, while there is still debate in Germany about a «mask requirement». One thing is certain: Day X is coming. The reopening of hotels and restaurants is longed for. Checklists, timetables and concepts for reopening are created at various points. A detailed list with many helpful links can be found below this article.

NDR Radio & TV
Corona crisis: tourism industry hopes for easing

The corona crisis hits the tourism industry in MV particularly hard. Hoteliers on Usedom have submitted a concept for contactless check-in to restart operations.

What changes hotels are planning for the time after Corona

It is still expressly forbidden for hotels to open to holidaymakers. But that could change in the next few weeks. However, the question is how hotels would react to a possible easing. What should and what has to change then? TRAVELBOOK asked about German hotels.

Information for hotel reopening

Are you planning to reopen your hotel or closed areas and still have open questions? Here you will find the most important additional information on the topic.

Hoteliers Share Their Advice for Recovery

Revinate has been regularly surveying our customers to understand how they’re feeling, how they’re thinking about their businesses and what they need to be successful. Our most recent survey, which received 297 responses from global hoteliers asked, “If you experienced an extreme down cycle in bookings in the past, what was most helpful to you during that time?” While the situation today is quite unlike any others the industry has weathered, the responses provide some great insight into how hoteliers are thinking about recovery.

Seetelhotels on Usedom with a contactless hygiene concept

The Seetelhotels on Usedom have presented a new hygiene concept. Taking scientific knowledge and medical advice into account, they created framework conditions that guarantee a safe hotel stay, the company said when the concept was presented.

Gastgewerbe Magazin
3 tips for hygienic workwear

Hygiene as a preventive measure – currently an ever-present topic. This applies to many areas and especially with regard to work clothing. How is the workwear for the team perfectly clean and hygienically prepared? How often should work clothes be washed? And how should it be stored to avoid possible contamination? The textile rental service provider DBL provides tips for more hygiene around work clothes.

Gastgewerbe Magazin
Hotel 2.0 – This is how a hotel might look like after Corona

One thing seems clear: there will be no quick return to normality. Rather, everything looks like a gradual relaxation of the restrictions. Social distancing and security measures will remain with us for months to come. There are now two questions for hoteliers: What needs to be changed in the hotel to meet the increased security needs of guests? How should the measures taken be communicated to the guests? Online Birds experts answer these questions.

TOP Hotel
Focus on hygiene – 5 tips for safe cleaning

If hotels are allowed to open again, cleanliness and hygiene will play a major role. The specialist book authors Maria Th. Radinger and Prof. Stefan Nungesser give five tips for safe cleaning that benefit guests and staff.

Holedo We Frame
How new, hard hygiene rules are changing everyday work in the hotel and catering industry

Transparency and efficiency in HACCP management and a hygiene concept are now all crucial: politicians and guests are keeping their eyes on the promises in the hotel and restaurant industry to provide protection against infection. It is clear that the new, strict hygiene rules are changing almost all work processes in the hospitality industry. This must be demonstrated in an exemplary manner by the managers – and represents an enormous challenge for internal communication in the host companies; as before, it should be noted.

Operational safety and hygiene concepts for restarting

The state guidelines for guest and occupational safety will form the guard rails. The company-specific implementation must also be carried out via a company safety and hygiene concept. As you know it from your normal HACCP concept. But of course now adapted to the situation and the stricter legal requirements in the corona pandemic. The creation and compliance with the operating concept will also be checked by the trade supervisory offices and the BGN.

Kohl & Partner
Success factors Housekeeping – Contemporary cleaning and hygiene standards

The hotel and catering sectors are severely affected by the corona crisis. But crisis situations are always opportunities for a fresh start in the future. One topic should not be missing: cleanliness AND hygiene. Because through the corona crisis, guests have developed a new awareness of hygiene. Right now experts Maria Th. Radinger and Stefan Nungesser are advocating the introduction of modern cleaning and hygiene systems in hotels. This requires some organizational and personnel changes, which the specialist book authors have summarized for «Success factor rooms and floors – strategic and operational management» .

Hotel vor 9
Living Hotels will work according to a hygiene catalog in the future

There is no «back to normal» and hygiene will become an essential decision criterion when booking a hotel, believes Living Hotels owner Max Schlereth. To meet this, the «Safe Living Standards» catalog has been developed. This is based on the guidelines of the WHO and the Fresenius Institute.

Articles on leading examples from hotels

Hilton develops new standard for cleanliness in hotels

The Clean Stay program is developed by Hilton in collaboration with the disinfectant manufacturer RB and the Mayo Clinic and includes processes and training for employees to offer guests a safe and clean stay from check-in to check-out.

Accor and Veritas introduce a new hygiene label

Accor and Veritas, world market leaders for tests, inspections and certifications, are jointly developing a label to confirm that a high level of safety and hygiene measures are being adhered to. suitable for the resumption of business activity of the hotel chain. 

Marriott International
Marriott International Launches Global Cleanliness Council to Promote Even Higher Standards of Cleanliness in the Age of COVID-19

Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR), which for 92 years has been recognized as a hospitality leader for its commitment to quality, exacting standards, and rigorous training, announced today that it will be rolling out a multi-pronged platform to elevate its cleanliness standards and hospitality norms and behaviors to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by the current pandemic environment.

NH Hotel Group
NH Hotel Group and SGS announce collaboration on a global disinfection assessment seal with specific protocols for hotel sanitation and disinfection adapted to the new social reality

NH Hotel Group, a consolidated multinational operator and one of the leading urban hotel companies in Europe and America, and SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, have combined their experience and knowledge in the development of a protocol of measures and assessments, which will allow the Group’s operations to be reactivated with maximum health and safety guarantees

Postillion prepares all hotels for ‘1,5 meter-economy’

The same evening Prime Minister Rutte spoke about the 1.5 meter economy, Postillion made a plan to prepare the conference facilities of the hotels as soon as possible. This means walking lines on the floors, instructional videos and significantly lower capacity for the rooms. «This is our social duty.»

Hotel Zur Post
After the shutdown

The green Hotel zur Post in Salzburg is preparing to at least be able to resume operations. Hotel director Georg Maier explains in a comprehensive statement which measures have been taken so that everyday life in the hotel can be as hygienic and low-risk as possible. In the interview, he also reveals how he and his family spent the time of closure and what he thinks of the public restrictions on the spread of the virus.

Quellenhof Luxury Resorts
Coronavirus Task Force – the situation & the measures

The corona virus is on the retreat – at least in European countries. The so-called «lockdown» has had an effect on health. Now it is time for something to return to normal … as much as possible. In close cooperation with the doctors of the Medical Center Quellenhof, we have taken extensive measures to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday away from the worries and fears surrounding Covid-19.

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