How to digitize your hotel in order to streamline daily operations

Maneuvering through the jungle of bureaucracy in times of the coronavirus is challenging. Nearly every move has to be documented. The new set of hygiene protocols and the documentation of measures can be overwhelming.

New Hygiene Standards – Useful articles

In order to find the way out of the crisis and towards normality in the hotel business, we offer you an overview of articles worth reading and informative contributions.

Hotel hygiene guidelines – the ‘’new normal’’

One article jokingly called it the ‘’BC and AC eras’’, the ‘’Before Corona’’ and ‘’After Corona’’. And there is a truth to this; our economy and society as we have known them for the last decades, are changing for good.

Hotel Hygiene Advice List

Most likely, you have always appreciated a crispy clean hotel room. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing hotels around the world to rethink and raise the hygiene bar drastically.

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