Crisis Management

How to keep your team motivated during tough times

There are countless ways to motivate people during these times. Here we show you 7 tips that are easy to realize but also very effective.

You have to keep going!

Keeping your team motivated can be tricky. We are all individuals and everyone needs something else to be motivated and full of power.

Nowadays, during the Corona crisis, it sometimes seems impossible to keep up the great work, motivation, positive thinking, and the smile on our face.

There is one big word which makes being powerful even more difficult: Uncertainty. No one knows how long the crisis will last – no one knows when these new strict rules will take effect – you cannot even tell what will be in twelve hours. Now more than ever, you should focus on motivation, team spirit, and solidarity. Because this is what you need during such a crisis and this is what will get you and your employees through the tough times.

7 tips to keep your team motivated

Since we all have to deal with the Corona crisis, we want to help you keep up the great team spirit.

  1. Be honest with your employees and don’t be afraid to show feelings
    As a (line) manager you should definitely be a role model. However, do not belittle the current situation and be honest!

  2. Make everyone in your team feel needed
    One of the worst things is when an employee feels redundant. His/Her motivation will go down immediately! You and your team will be even more powerful if they don’t lose their motivation.

  3. Involve them as much as possible in current processes
    Maybe your team has really good ideas to get through the crisis, but they don’t feel like it’s the right timing. Be open, give them the opportunity to be heard and find solutions together.

  4. Keep everybody up to date
    Sometimes, during this stressful time, you might forget to keep your team up to date and to inform them about what is going on.
    A communication tool, such as hotelkit, really helps to keep everybody on the same page.

  5. Give them a break
    We are all humans and sometimes all you need is a break. Show empathy and understanding, maybe someone just needs to take a minute.

  6. Always be approachable
    Especially during a crisis, you may not be as focused as usual. Your team members should be reassured that, if they need anything or have questions, they are able to contact you. Let them know how to reach you and that you have an open ear for them.
  7. Be positive
    Don’t forget that laughter is the best medicine. Even during a crisis, jokes are allowed and important. Don’t worry too much, but try to stay positive.

We can do it!

There are different ways and tips on how to keep your team motivated. In difficult days like these, the most important thing is to stay positive and stick together as a team (not physically! ;-)).

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