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Royal Flush! – hotelkit ranks first in 5 categories at the Hotel Tech Awards 2023

The Hotel Tech Awards 2023 provided us with another reason to celebrate. hotelkit ranked first as best digital solution for hotels in the categories Best Staff Collaboration, Best Employee Engagement Software, Best Hotel Maintenance Software, Best Hotel Operations Platform and Best Housekeeping Software. Next to that, we were also delighted to be honored with the People’s Choice Award and to rank among the 10 Best Places to work in Hotel Tech.


Chatbot assists with Guest Inquiries – Olga Heuser on the advantages of using DialogShift

“Does the hotel have a pool?”, “Can I bring my dachshund?”, “Does the breakfast buffet have oat milk?” Hotel guests often tend to ask the same types of questions. Thankfully, there are chatbot solutions like DialogShift that can provide answers in only a matter of seconds. Olga Heuser, CEO of DialogShift, talks with us about the advantages of using chatbots in hotels.

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5 Tips to Conserve Energy in Hotels 

Sustainability: A necessity but at the same time an unattainable goal? All too often, we only see the big changes or investments that need to be made in order to become more sustainable, but we often forget that small changes can also have a huge impact. In this article we will outline 5 ways hotels can conserve energy and also save costs and resources in the process.

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The Future of Housekeeping – Boosting Efficiency with Digital Work Processes

Our experts on digitalization in the hospitality industry, Thomas Salzlechner and Florian Saltner, are convinced that the implementation of digital work processes in housekeeping departments will become more and more important. Our two specialists provide housekeeping advice and assist hotels in making their room cleaning workflows more efficient through the implementation of digital tools in housekeeping. In this article, they will outline how this works.


Internal Communication without Emails – hotelkit connects AlpinTrend Group

The AlpinTrend Group was on the lookout for a digital communication solution. The goal was to find a tool that would not only optimize the cooperation within the individual businesses but also make it easier for the AlpinTrend head office to communicate and transmit information and standards to the entire group. Sofia de Anta, Head of Marketing and Sales, explains why hotelkit is the perfect fit for AlpinTrend Group.


Implementing Sustainability in Hotels – in Conversation with Hotel Consultant Björn Grimm

Does sustainability have to be expensive? According to Björn Grimm, owner of the successful hotel and food service consultancy Grimm Consulting, it does not! A change in one’s own perspective can already significantly contribute to finding sustainable solutions. In this interview he outlines why it is the small steps in particular that carry a lot of weight and why medium-sized hotels should also dare to transition to sustainability.

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