Large hotels always do more: more entertainment, more offers such as conference facilities and (very important) more options at the breakfast buffet. In order to offer this abundance of more, large houses are usually the first to use new technologies. Case in point: the Estrel Hotel Berlin. Germany’s largest hotel boasts 1,125 rooms and suites – enough to rival a cruise ship. The hotel had already digitalized many aspects of their operations. What was missing was the matching on-board computer. So, the Estrel Hotel Berlin set off looking for new tech shores. Thanks to hotelkit, it’s now smooth sailing for director Ute Jacob and her team.

hotelkit for large hotels

Web of knowledge

Digitalization has long been a household word at the Estrel Hotel Berlin. However, the intranet that had previously been in place was a dusty encyclopedia rather than a functional social platform. Instead of allowing for networking among the team, it just mapped information. Social and work exchange? Simply not possible.

No room for misinterpretation

hotelkit doesn’t just bundle and organize knowledge, but also helps teams cooperate like a perfect beehive. Over 500 employees at the Estrel Hotel Berlin are now connected with each other. Tasks are crystal clear. Shift changes are no longer an issue, and everyone knows what they are responsible for. 

hotelkit is a great, dynamic solution that allows us to involve every employee and at the same time optimize operative processes digitally.

Ute Jacobs
Ute Jacobs Managing Director

77% of all repair orders are completed in



in the Estrel Berlin Hotel thanks to hotelkit.

hotelkit Tools Repairs

May the force be with you

Technology is not everything. Even though all of the building services staff at the Estrel Hotel Berlin were equipped with a smartphone, they may as well have used Nokia 3310s. Apps or Messenger? Not available. Instead, it was still all notes and phone calls. But now, the power of the smartphone is with the employees of Estrel Hotel Berlin. Old light bulbs, dead batteries or windows that no longer close? Taken care of in no time, even without any phone calls. Because with hotelkit, employees don’t just know what the problem is, but also exactly where it is located on the 25,000 square metre property. Telepathic powers are not needed. In the words of Yoda: hotelkit the solution is. 

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