Hotel Hygiene Advice List

Most likely, you have always appreciated a crispy clean hotel room. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing hotels around the world to rethink and raise the hygiene bar drastically.

For hotels, the most important message to convey to future guests is that they understand and see what measures are being taken in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing. When guests walk through the doors of a hotel, they need to see the commitment to their health and safety is the top priority.

We have created guidelines and tips for each department to help you make hygiene the top priority in your hotel. We structured the areas from a guest’s perspective and divided them into the departments of a hotel.

General advice

  • Use disinfectants ranked the highest classification recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to treat known pathogens.
  • Ultraviolet light technology can be used e.g. for sanitizing keys for guests and devices shared by employees such as phones. 
  • Make sure to install ‘’hygiene stations’’ at every entrance of your hotel, as well when entering the restaurant/gym/toilet etc. 
  • Make sure your employees know how to wear masks/gloves properly and know the hygiene protocol of your hotel. Prepare workshops and training materials.

Parking lot

  • Create sufficient space between the parking spaces (this means lower the capacity)
  • Create walking routes with sufficient space 
  • Install/create a digital payment system to avoid cash
  • Place a matrix board with meeting information if applicable, indicate which entry of the hotel to use for which meeting 
  • Place disinfection station at every entrance of the hotel


  • Place disinfection stations at entrances and visible locations in the lobby. At these stations, make sure to include: instructions on how to clean your hands properly, hygiene protocol in your hotel, disinfectant, hand wipes, etc. 
  • Create walking paths in the lobby to ensure enough space for all guests 
  • Create ‘’footsteps’’ on the floor to keep distance when waiting for check-in 
  • Create squares on the elevator floor for people to stand in and keep enough distance to each other
  • Arrange the furniture in public areas in a way that it allows more space for personal distancing
  • Look for ways that allow guests to avoid touching surfaces and staff members. E.g. use smartphones/tablets to do the check-in, access their room, make a special request or order room service. 
  • Disinfect all roomkeys that guests hand in and wipe them clean once more when handing them out to new guests (visibly cleaning them once more creates trust). Also, consider placing the key on a small ‘’tray’’ from where the guest can pick it up themselves. 
  • Your guests should refrain from paying in cash, place signs explaining this and offer contactless payment
  • Be sure to also put disinfectant (visible) on the reception desk. Both guests and staff should be able to disinfect their hands anytime and should do so regularly
  • If you have too many counters next to each other and you cannot guarantee the minimum distance of 1,5 meters, only open every second desk.
  • Put short information about the hygiene protocol on the front desk and/or display on the led screen/tablets etc. 
  • Provide information about the regulations to your guests in written form. You can either put it into the room directly or let the front desk team hand it over upon check-in. This information can also be sent via email when the reservation is confirmed. 
  • Arrange enough space where your guests can put the luggage in order to avoid that your porters have to take the cases out of their hands directly. 
  • Disinfect the telephones, keypads, etc. and surfaces at the beginning, during and at the end of your shift. Create time slots for this and assign tasks to each employee to take care of an area.


Create and think about implementing new checklists for your housekeeping staff. They need to see the importance of practicing the highest level of hygiene possible, and that there are different measurements now.

General housekeeping

  • Disinfect all door handles in the hotel
  • Disinfect the light switches in general areas 
  • Disinfect all telephones in the hallway
  • Disinfect the handrails of the staircases 
  • Disinfect all the buttons of the elevator
  • Check if a disinfection dispensers needs to be refilled

In hotel rooms

  • Disinfection wipes in each room for guests’ personal use
  • Hygiene protocol folder placed in the room 
  • Disinfect all door handles, light switches, telephones and tv remotes
  • Disinfect all surfaces (hard and soft)
  • Disinfect minibar items and room amenities
  • Disinfect safe, glassware, wardrobe hangers


Breakfast area/restaurant

  • Hygiene station at every entrance 
  • Guests need to make a reservation in advance 
  • Work with time slots: A maximum amount of guests can apply for a breakfast slot. E.g. 30 guests from 07.00 to 07.40, 30 new guests from 07.45 to 08.25 (calculate some time in between for staff to clean tables, surfaces etc.) 
  • Lower capacity. Re-arrange tables to create enough space between them
  • Create walking paths and one direction only alleys 
  • Only offer a la carte breakfast


  • Hygiene station at every entrance
  • Guests need to make a reservation in advance 
  • Time slots 
  • Walking paths 
  • Lower capacity and create enough space in between seating possibilities 
  • Place drinks on the bar so guests can pick them up themselves


  • Create enough working space for each chef

Room Service

  • Create a system where contact between the guest and the room service attendant can be prevented. E.g. by placing the room service tray on a trolly, where the guest can pick up the tray for themselves, when delivered to their door.

Congres facilities

  • Send out an instruction video with general rules to participants of upcoming meetings
  • Distribute ‘’boarding passes’’ to attendees upon arrival (meeting room number, chair number, route) 
  • Disinfection stations at every entrance 
  • Before the start of each meeting, show hygiene instruction video and hygiene protocol of the hotel 
  • Place a screen with hygiene instructions at visible locations
  • Draw lines on the floor top keep the 1,5m distance. Footsteps or your hotel logo can also be used as symbols to indicate the minimum distance
  • Create one way walking paths 
  • Lower the maximum capacity per meeting room by taking out chairs and creating ‘’squares’’ for each person


  • Hygiene station at every entrance 
  • Create time slots for a maximum amount of time and people
  • Thoroughly clean lockers, gym equipment, etc. every hour
  • Have cleaning supplies next to the gym equipment so guests can clean after themselves when they used a machine

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